Friday, January 12, 2007

pringles chips

I went shopping in a canadian mall a day(or two) before and I bought stuff worth $40 (canadian). Thats worth 1600 rupees. 1kg bananas for 60 rupees. But pringles were cheaper than they are in india. One pack for 60 rupees while in india they're for 100 rupees! So I got barbecue and ketchup flavour. The taste is really unique. And thats something I'm gonna be buying more and more of. I could practically survive off them. But gonna miss the coca cola. Because coke and other cold drinks are much expensive here. But maybe someday I'll finally give in and buy a bunch of them from the store in bulk so its cheaper. There was also a "deli" where you could taste and buy all kinds of meat. I bought some smoked turkey. But gonna try something else next time. And there's so much variety in everything its mind boggling. How I wish I was richer so I could buy one of everything there. Well, maybe a little more next time.

sent frm my E60

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