Monday, January 22, 2007

My canada cell

As soon as I got back from college, I tore open the package and read all the literature that had come with my new FIDO SIM card. Then popped the sim into my phone and went down to call them and activate my phone. First I had dialled the 611number but It was pretty confusing. So I called the 1888 number from the landline and when it asked me to enter my fido phone number, I punched it in and was taken to the same shitty computerized menu! I wanted to talk to a representative because none of those options were what I wanted to do! It was so irritating! So next time I didn't enter my number and went straight to the customer representative. You think my worries were over? No! The mayhem had just begun.

I wanted to get this prepaid card turned to a monthly plan. As that would mean cheaper rates and hence me using my phone more freely than I would have otherwise. Also, the convenience of being able to pay the bill with my credit card once a month rather than having to go buy a recharge voucher every now and then. The unlimited incoming monthly plans started from 30dollars a month. Then they went up with the amount of minutes there were allowed. That seemed simple enough.. But then she started tellin me abt the other charges that they levied. And that the first bill will be more than the charges add up to because of some reason and it all started going over my head. Well thats their main intention said Mr. Kelly. They make the bills so confusing that no one understands it and cant challenge them. Its not just canadians but indian operators do the same too. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

sent frm my E60

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