Sunday, January 21, 2007

The first time I made scrambled eggs

Well, they were not that bad for a first timer.. I just added salt and pepper over it while I was eating because otherwise it was rather bland. I think last time I had used peanut butter on the bread, thats why I could eat the scrambled eggs without any spices. Also, Mr. kelly had added some milk to it. well, anyways, next time, I think I`ll add salt to the egg yolk while I`m beating it. And if I have some onions,tomatoes and chillies, I`ll add them to make indian style bhurji.

For this time, even simple scrambled eggs seemed daunting. First, I timidly tried breaking both the eggs properly.. ok Success! I had put both the eggs directly into the frying pan and not used a bowl to beat them. So I had to be gentle to not scratch or scrape off the non-stick coating. Then this electrical stoves are beyond me! when I use them at high, they get really really hot real soon. And if I put them at medium, they take an eternity to warm up! damn! well, After a long wait, it finally started cooking the eggs and I gently scrambled it up to prevent it from becoming an omlet! TADA!!!

That was that. Just get out there with my toasted bread and start eating.

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