Friday, January 05, 2007

A new start

I dont know yet if this is going to be my last post or the previous one already is. As I have nothing on my mind now and dont know when I'll finish and publish it. It is also highly possible that this is my LAST blog post in a few months untill I settle down in canada and get my own laptop.. Because even though my phone has wi-fi, I'm not sure of any wi-fi hotspots in canada and cellular service is exorbitant!

I just reached the hotel, and my parents and aniruddh bhaiya are following my trail. Dad's asked me to try and get a single room for myself so that they can come in and visit. But with so much overbooking and resulting delays, even assigning rooms would be difficult.

No Fuck no! Not another queue. Now what do I do here? My legs are killing me! Well lets listen to other people's conversations.. I know its not very polite, but its entertaining.. Vikas and some other guy in front talking abt this one guy who was waiting in line since 7:50 and is still in the queue with us for getting a room. Poor fella.

Chicks from the chicago flight are talkin right behind me. Total u.s. accent but indian looks. The one with a baseball cap almost looks like richa. They were told it snowed there so the flight was delayed but the other gal says, it snows all the time but american flights never get delayed. But we all know That's not the real reason behind the delay. Those assholes over booked the flights. One of the gals even said that its illegal to over book flights. Still, in India, you can get away with it.

Well, luckily I got my room and the best part is that there's no room mate to share it with. yippie! Well, gotta run to get the breakfast now before they close down. Blog later.

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