Sunday, January 14, 2007

What a hangover really is

Last night was pub night at the cage-that's the name of this place in our college club where you can get alcohol and smoke and play pool, foos ball or other arcade games. The place is really cool, very active and exciting. And more so when there's an event. I had come here before with freddy before a class, and just sat there while he had beers. Now that day was a different situation.. We were there for a few mins only. But last night, i had to spend atleast a few hours there enjoying with them.

And I didnt want to look like an oddball there, so I had to grab a beer too. Abhinav bhaiya had told me abt his friend who would just sit with one beer throught the night. I thought i'd do that too, but because I would get a little thirsty, I finished my first one fast. Then came the next and for some reason i finished it even faster. The speed at which I gulped down the beers gradually went on increasing and before I knew it, I was totally high! There's very little I can clearly recall after that, but I am sure I had loads of fun.

So this morning when I woke up, my head was feeling like its going to explode! I tried to get back to sleep but that rarely happens even when my head is NOT filled with pneumatic drills! I had never before been in such a situation. Now i'm thinking of this one drug that I had seen a commercial of. It was supposed to be taken before you go drinking and you wont have a hangover. I had heard before that coffee was a good remedy to relieve a hangover so I thought of going down but as soon as I got out of my bed and started walking, my head started spinning. I was feeling too weak to walk even. Gotta just lay here in my agony untill mr. Kelly wakes up or I feel better.

So, I suppose thats what I'll post after the first time I get drunk. And will also be able to describe the feeling of hangover better once I really experience it. Untill then, even I'm guessing what a hangover really is.
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