Sunday, January 14, 2007

one macbook pro please

I was up at around 5 this morning and called up sam but his cell was turned off or engaged. Then tried monu didi and talked for quite a while. Then since I had some more balance, I finally decided to call up pranav. I asked him to come online in about half an hour and hung up. Brushed my teeth and made coffee.

He came a little late because cafe's around had closed down. I wish he'd get internet at his home already. Because after just a few mins, the power went off. I had so many things to talk to him about! But maybe next time.

So when I finally came downstairs, it was bright enough to see outside. And I saw the beautiful white snow covering everything the eye could see. I felt like I should go out snowboarding. But the thought of the inadequate warm clothes I have held me back. I was even planning to go to the college but my legs get so cold walking outside, that I decided not to. Infact, even my shoes are cloth which will get wet easily. Then I'd have nothing else to wear!

So I was just sitting in the living room watching tv and snacking on stuff till 10 am. When Mr. Kelly finally woke up, we both drove down to canada computers to check out apple mac book and macbook pro. The model that would suit me best was indeed the pro and the lowest end model cost 2199 dollars. I asked about students discount, but they said only apple owned stores could offer me student's discount they were just resellers. I didnt want to go wandering for apple store, it would just be wasting time. Besides, I can also get the discount if I purchased it online via the apple website.

We also looked at some other malls for a sim card but that system just doesnt go here. You WILL have to buy a cellphone too, with a connection now that's just bull crap! Why waste a perfectly good piece of equipment? This is one of the reasons the developed countries are making so much waste. Now i'll try to buy a sim card off ebay because I have no idea where the flea market is around here.
Wish me luck!
sent frm my E60

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