Monday, February 26, 2007

My Experiment with food

The first one that got published
Now, I woke up at 10 am after being awake till 3 am working on my portfolio and not getting much done for a reason not concerning this blog. I knew I have to make the most of the time I have in these 3 days so I went down to get a fix of caffeine. I finished my coffee slowly, looking out he glass door, it was snowing outside. Been snowing a lot since yesterday. And everything was starting to look so much more beautiful again. After the coffee was over, I decided heck, lets have something for breakfast too. Then came my most dreaded moment, picking what to eat. I am so frustrated of having the same things to eat always. "No matter how much things change, they always remain the same," was what came to mind.

I finally decided to have a tortilla. They are also called wraps but basically, they are just rotis. This one was made of 100 % whole wheat it said on the package. I never did like its smell. Eating it was not out of liking or I missed indian food and it tasted like Indian food. In reality, it didn't taste anything like indian food when I had it so many times before. I had microwaved it, I had roasted it on gas in a pan(and even managed to burn the underside and make it into a crispy papad) Now don't tell that part to my mom. She's just not supposed to know it ok? That day was when I was gonna post my first "experiments with food" post. So today too, it was gonna be a horrible breakfast, that I was certain of.

So to not make a fuss about it and get it over with, I put it in the microwave on a plate and watched it inflate as it cooked for about a minute. I took it out and first thing I did was to pick it up off the plate because it was all soggy from below. That's how the pizzas get too. And that's probably the only thing I hate about microwaves. Then I decided to butter it up while it was still warm. And just when I ran my spoon of butter over it, I realized what had happened. I picked it up and bent it and it broke in two halves with a click. or crack or whatever sound u wanna hear. It had become dry and crispy like a papad. But it wasn't meant to be a papad. And it certainly didn't taste like a papad. I took one bite and decided enough is enough! Threw it in the dust bin and geared up to cook something really appetizing and satisfying.

I put my brain to it and figured, last time I cooked it, I didn't have any ghee or butter but this time I do. I could use the butter to cook it like a paratha. And I put all The butter I had scooped out into the pan and let it warm up. I then put the tortilla on it and waited for it to get a little more warmed up. I didn't want to take chance of letting it get charcoaled like last time, so I was flipping it over at constant intervals, pressing down on it at certain places if I thought it wasn't buttered up properly. In a little while, I started seeing it getting brown. I was so happy! The familiar colour that I had long missed. It was even soft and oily. Not crisp and dry like before. Now I knew this was a kinda pre-cooked bread, so didn't want to overcook it and took it off before long. I didn't cook a second one as I wanted to "verify" that my experiment had succeeded.

And it did. I really enjoyed my breakfast and was very happy about it too. Then I thought I'd do it tonight too so I didn't put the pan in the sink and ran upstairs to write about the success of my procedure. But don't tell this to my mom, it'll be embarassing. Parathas anyone?

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