Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So much to do and so little time to tell it all

Hey, no matter how much time you give me, there are certain people I could never directly tell what all I did. Like my parents for example, or other relatives, but there is one person I always manage to find time to talk to and tell what has been keeping me cold/warm/lazy/tired/busy/idle or anything else. But there has been just so much activity in the last two days that I couldn't even tell pranav. The last person I remember talking to before the whole thing began was suju. That was before class on monday. The class wasn't really very fruitful, and not at all exciting, so I'll just begin with the exciting part.

First stop, the cage! The book sale was on for the last time this sem. And possibly las time this year. So I had to grab some good books if I could. I went and looked around, liked a few books a little, but liked two books a lot! So I decided to buy how to draw manga "super deformed characters" and draw magazine. I wouldn't normally buy such an expensive magazine, but this one seemed really useful as it is not published as frequently and there are "best of draw" books based on the articles in these magazines.! They both added up to about 35 dollars and I said that I might be back for more. But even I didn't know whether the other books that I liked will get picked up by me or not.

Then I decided to walk outside and bask in the sun. It was a nice and warm day and I felt like writing an email to Pranav. So I sat down outside the c wing and even took off my jacket! But the smokers that were starting to gather around were too unbearable. So I put the jacket in my bag and walked back home. I even took the long way round the outside of the building. I wish tempratures would stay like this for ever! I will be praying to got for a long consistent summer. As I reached home, I saw brandon and eric and alex playing basketball outside. I hadn't played basketball for a while now so I thought this is a good opportunity to satisfy my craving for basketball and get to know the neighbours and Brandon a little better. I threw my backpack on the bed, ran down to get myself a coke and put on my shoes again and walked out. Put the coke can down and asked the guys if I could play with them. They were just shooting, not playing a game so it was fine. I do suck at shooting though.

But brandon is a great sports person. He played little league baseball, plays hockey and basketball. He was dunking pretty easily on this basket, but this is lower than the official nba standard. But he said he could almost dunk on the NBA ones too! Even alex could reach up and hang to the net. Alex eric and Shawn(I'm not pretty sure on whether shawn was there too that day or not...) went back home after a while and there were only me and brandon. He showed me a few tricks and I tried unsuccessfully to do them... LOL. We played till it started raining and then we went back in. Kevin was like "are the stars done playing?" I didn't feel like doing anything after all that, but I was too stinky to bear...even for myself. So I went and took a shower.

That was all the action for monday. Oh, I almost forgot.. I could have been run over by a car when the basketball went to the other side of the road and I ran to get it. But I'm fine. The next morning, I was damn busy trying to get the "ipod nano advert swirlies effect" using adobe photoshop. And I was pretty successful too. When I messaged phoebe to brag about it, she asked me if I could help her out with her film scaning and cleanup tonight. So I agreed. I had also gotten back an email from mel thanking me and saying that we could fix a time to meet up. So I decided I will go meet her in the 4th year lab when I go to work for phoebe. Just then Shawn called me out to play with them and I couldn't be more eager. So I went down and put on my shoes and ran out the house.

We played 21, once me against shawn, (needless to say I lost) Then me and shawn against Brandon and we lost again! That was my fault, I scored a basket at 20 when I was supposed to miss! Damn! Well, After that, Shawn suggested to play hockey so brandon got the net out and the hockey sticks for him and me. Shawn wanted to be the goalie. I had a really hard time dealing with the really long sticks and taking shots with it. I figure hockey isn't really a sport for me... but maybe I'm giving up too early. Oh well, After a while, Brandon left and shawn and I played soccer on his lawn. That was really tiring. And then I also had to go to college so decided to wrap it up early. I went and took a shower and headed for college.

It was nice and warm at that time and I had just played a lot of games so I was fine without my jacket. But I didn't expect the temperatures to drop to 9 degrees by 12 am. I had gotten really tired of scanning the documents so I decided to leave for home and I asked phoebe what temperature she thinks it is outside. And she says "don't worry you don't need a jacket" So I walked back home in nothing but my t shirt and jeans and I said to myself "I so fuckin do!!!" But actually, I was fine, I tucked my hands in my pocket and quickly walked back home despite the aching legs.. And went straight to bed.

Now this Morning I woke up around 6 am feeling really feverish. I know I shouldn't have attempted that feat I did last night. But nothing I could do abt it now. I went down in the dark, got a glass of water to drink and went back to sleep. I was having weird and scary halucinations unlike the nice dreams of celebrations and festivities I've been having since a few days. But after I woke up, I was feeling fine. So I think I'll be fine doing that again.

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