Friday, March 16, 2007

Painting Class on the 15th

Lemme tell ya, nokia phones, plus silent mode, plus charging is equal to recipe for disaster. I'm not saying it means a calamity or catastrophe, just means that your important alarms will not 'go off' enough to alert you. The alarms won't actually ring when its in silent mode, it just vibrates. Even that's ok till you plug it into the wall to charge the battery hog! Now, even when your phone rings or alerts go off, your phone won't ring or vibrate, just blink. And when has just blinking led light been enough to wake up a fast asleep person at a time when there's already abundant daylight in the room? That's precisely what happened that morning and I was supposed to wake up at 8 am so that I could go and work on my painting assignment that is due at 11o clock.

But no points for guessing I overslept and woke up at 10:30 by (Pinu)divine intervention. I was totally bummer for a few minutes and then I came to my senses and realized that class actually starts at 11.(I would consider going in at 10 or atleast 10:30 so that I could gesso my canvas) And that I have around 25 minutes to get to the class and it won't matter if I didn't brush my teeth or have a bath. (but recalling the conversation I had with Freddy just a day before, I decided to quickly brush my teeth atleast.) And ran to the college somehow, I explained to the teacher that I would bring it in by Monday for sure because I only had to paste the rectangles on the illustration board now. Now, that I consider she actually let me off with a chance to submit it 4 days later, she isn't as much of a bitch as we say her to be at all!

We then tarted on our first in class colour assignment, it was an amazing experience. I remember what painting used to be like in India in my school days and in creative i college. Here, we had some mannequins and a little drapery, that we had to do using two contrast hues, Blue and orange. That's what gives the foreground a pop and the background more depth and makes a painting much more aesthetic. I wonder why it never seemed to strike or even work this well when we did contrast colour scheme '2d designs' in creative I. I had gotten the shape of the mannequin and the curves and bulges and depressions right on the first stroke itself. I didn't even use charcoal to sketch it in first. I got the skin tone right with the first color that I mixed and I even got the concept of painting drapery right for the first time in my life! I guess its all because its the birthday of 'u know who' today. I was really impressed with where my painting was going. And just for this reason, I didn't want to leave it before I was satisfied that I was done with it. Even though I hadn't had breakfast, and was up till 5 am in the morning, I wasn't tired a bit. Damn what has gotten into me?

By now, I didn't care about the grade she would give me on this one. I was so exhilarated with the way this painting had turned out that I wanted to give it a 200% effort. When the class ended, my painting was still without a background and I knew this wouldn't really take that long to do and it WILL make a huge impact on the way my painting looked. So I continued working with total concentration. I didn't even know martin was in the class working too until I turned around to go to the sink. The greatest satisfaction will be showing this to Pranav. But for that, I'll have to take a picture of it first huh!(Lately, landlord's camera has been hard to get hold of.) Well, After I FINALLY finished it, (I actually had to tell myself -"stop with it already!!") I went out and decided to go see the nurse at the health center before I went home.

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