Friday, March 23, 2007

Beautiful spring day

Today, the temperature outside was just perfect for outdoor activities! I was walking back home with my jacket zipped down and my gloves off for most part. I also wasn't wearing my usual woolen cap(because I couldn't find it), I was wearing my levi's baseball cap. I noticed two boys cycling in front of the house with skateboard ramps and stuff, I smiled as one of them tried to do a 'stunt' by riding up the ramp and almost falling. Reminded me of the time when I broke my bicycle doing such things on a dirt hill in front of my house.

In front of my house, shawn and a little kid were playing basketball. It was so funny seeing the little boy trying to score a basket with the ball more than one fourth his size. It was really heavy for him too. I asked shawn how he was doing and he said "good, you?" I said "I'm good too, who's the little guy?" He said he was his cousin who lived in the house next to us. On the porch, Brandon, Eric and another boy(who's name Kevin told me, but I don't remember now..) were playing poker. There was pink Floyd playing on the CD and a box of pizza and some cola cans. Looked like they have been having a picnic! I would have loved to join them too, but just that I wouldn't want to play with money. (Even though it was only 5 dollars)

Inside, kevin was sitting going through some documents about some medication. I asked Kevin what his plans for the rest of the day were, he said nothing, so I asked him if he wouldn't mind going to the post office to get the wacom tablet now. And he readily agreed! I was so happy, I don't know how will I ever be able to thank him enough for all the things he does for me. He's the best landlord anyone could ever ask for! He offered me his pizza as he was full so I took that. I was still hungry after that, so I decided to toast myself bread and use the new peanut butter that I had bought. I was still eating, when he just Said, ready when You are! I quickly finished my toast and ran upstairs to get my passport.

I Was jumping in my Seat all the way ! I Was just imagining Myself playing with the tablet, doing so many things I had dreamed of, like doodling something in flash, animating it. Painting something in corel painter x or doing some vector art or line art from photographs in photoshop. I had been dreaming of this since so long! There was the same rude creepy Indian guy on the counter whom I talked to on the phone, but this time, he didn't ask me for anything, he promptly took kevin's ID and signature and handed the HUGE box to us. I was wondering how come there's such a big box for such a small wacom tablet. Kevin said its probably bubble wrap or some kind of insulation/cushioning to protect the product.

I was so desperate for this that I started opening the box in the car itself! I first tried cutting through the tape with the seat belt hook, but it wasn't sharp enough. I knew I had a pen and a pencil in my pocket and immediately reached for it. I punctured holes in the tape so that I could later rip it all off in one smooth motion. I immediately remembered Bourne Identity scene where Matt damon is fighting the other spy with just a pen. As expected, the big box only had a lot of paper at the top, and the wacom tablet pack at the extreme bottom. I pulled that out, and started looking at it. I showed it to Kevin, telling that this was basically it. I read the whole box and everything and proceeded to open that package too, but Kevin said wait till you get home will you? LOL. I always need to be told that. haha.

That was when I finally stopped and put it back inside the big brown box. I will write about my experiences opening and running it on my tech blog.

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