Monday, March 12, 2007

When we're finally together

On saturday morning, I was visiting my friend's galleries on flickr, when I saw a holi picture on meghna's page. That picture made me really really sad. Why? Because I started wishing I was in pune for holi again, and I had just gotten out of that mindset few days ago! I guess it was on thursday, because I had so much fun at the residence and also talked to pranav, I forgot the holi tragedy. Well, that day, I was also talking to pranav on skype at the same time and the next thing I knew, my mind wandered off in a flashback.

That was a Holi day of my 7th grade. I was really excited about going to play holi with my friend "Rohin srivastava" whom I had met a couple of years ago and we had become really good friends. even though his house was pretty far away from my house(by akola's standards) I would cycle over to his house by myself to meet him and play with him. I never had a sleepover, but really wish I had had one. This was the first time I was going to go play holi with someone other than my cousins. I had packed up a couple of water balloons in my cargos and had a full tank of coloured water in my super soaker. I really enjoyed playing with him, and then went to my grandfather's house to play with my cousins. That is the only friend I have every REALLY played holi with and the only time. Because next year he left, he moved to someplace else and I never heard from him again.

And The next person I really wanted to play holi with outside my family is pranav! I was SO hoping we'd get to play together! I was overtaken by this feeling at that time, but I didn't say anything to pranav. I thought I was too cool to say this to him. So I stay quiet all the while until he suddenly went offline. Then I decided to tell him with an email, and started typing it out, but I was just halfway through, and he came online. So I coughed up the courage to say that, and talked to him about this in the least melodramatic way possible. And I know I couldn't stress it enough and make him see how I was feeling because I was too concerned with not loosing my 'cool'! I didn't want to get mushy with it and start crying or worse, make him cry. But I totally regret that decision now.

This morning while walking to college after talking to him on skype again, I was thinking, Damn! I am even going to miss his Birthday! I am going to miss having him at my birthday! I Don't know what kinda stinking birthday I am gonna have over here in canada! But I just wish Whoever it is, I hope he or she gives pranav a really good time on his birthday. Hope he has a blast, something special, He deserves the very best in life. And when I finally get to met him again, after a few months or years, I'll celebrate all those things with him! I'll throw him a birthday party, no two! play with colours, and make up for all the good times we've missed. Getting back to India and meeting him is on the top priority on my list from today!

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