Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy holi

I was really nostalgic today, I wished I was back in India somehow, just for today so that I could play holi with my family and friends. So that I could enjoy the nice warm weather there. But that was not to be. So I just went ahead to calling people and wishing them happy holi. I also decided to call up the indian contacts I had here in North america. I called up naniji, anju mausi and jay mamaji and left them all messages. Naniji and anju mausi even called back and we talked for a long time. I Had called up abhinav bhaiya and he said he might come over today with a movie "the guru" and we could then go to some Indian restaurant for dinner. I was very excited when I head that. Abhinav bhaiya is a great guy and its fun to hang out with him. On my first day in canada itself he had said "Consider me as your bro." Also, Pranav had come online but he didn't have skype installed on the pc or maybe he didn't have a mic or whatever, so I had to type to him and he didn't say much.

I Played with the xbox 360 downstairs in the basement for a while. Burnout revenge was the most awesome burnout game to day. And while I was downstairs, my laptop was on upstairs and I was online. Abhinav bhaiya had sent me a message asking me to call him. I came back up, saw it, and went down to call him but just then, the phone rang. He said he would come over around 3 and then we could either watch the movie first and then go for dinner or vice versa. I was kinda getting impatient for him to arrive. I really needed to go to the bathroom but I didn't want to have abhinav bhaiya waiting at the door... because brandon wasn't home. He arrived when we were watching the movie. I introduced the two, and he didn't stick around, he had a lot of homework to do. And while the movie was still going on, his mom probably came and gave him a pizza??!!!

Well, today was one day I wasn't tempted by a pizza because I knew I was gonna get to eat exotic Indian food. I quickly took down the driving directions to both the prospective places, Bombay bhel and Coriander green. Abhinav had already been to Bombay bhel before so I thought we should go to coriander green so its a new experience for both of us. The drive was unusually long, and I thought we had gotten lost or took a wrong turn because we were on the same road for pretty long.. But Abhinav's great sense of direction finally got us to the restaurant. And the aroma that was in the air there was heavenly! The music was some hindi ghazals I believe and there was even a fireplace. I noticed that the waitress opened a laptop to do something on it for a while and then shut it. So I figured I could send the email I had typed for pranav when I was watching the movie. The house internet connection is just very annoying.

The dinner was really expensive for sure, I only know of one time that I actually had more expensive food, but I didn't really pay for it then. It was the day my flight had gotten cancelled. I was staying in the hotel... ring a bell? If not, you can always go back in the archives to read about that exciting experience. Now, back to the present...or the more recent past. I was really tempted by tandoori and biryani, but rice is comparatively easy to cook and eating tandoori chicken can get messy. So we order butter chicken and dal makhani. With butter naan, kulcha paratha and roti. The water was served in a really weird way. There was a piece of cucumber in it with straw. Come on! Drink water with a straw?!!! That's just plain silly. The waiter was the kind you'd expect from an Indian restaurant...well, a stereotypical Indian restraunt. He just came and plunked the food on the table, didn't serve and even forgot to give us serving spoons! Damn, I'd hate to tip this place!

But I didn't pay the bill, Abhinav bhaiya did, so he did tip the people. It was not like leaving a few coins, he made a increment to his credit card invoice and signed it. Now that's something new! But its not like I didn't want to pay. I had offered to pay but he said he'll take it. I didn't even have cash so that I could give him my half of the money. It was coming to around 25 dollars! Didn't I tell ya EXPENSIVE? Man, I don't know how I can thank him enough for all that he's doing for me. While exiting, I pocketed a handful of "meethi saunf". wow! On the road, we kinda got lost a little, but after a while, we were back on trafalgar road. The baby's day out was gonna end soon. I really wished I could read his mind like officer parkman in 'Heroes'.

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