Thursday, March 15, 2007

pranav Daure turns 20

It was just around 12am in India, and pranav had started getting calls from everybody wishing him a happy birthday. And right on the other side of the globe, my ideas and images class had just ended. I started trying to call pranav from my phone. I knew I didn't have much time because I had been using wi fi connection to stay online on skype and gtalk all the while I was in college and that had drained most of the battery. I tried it two times, but his number was busy. Then I lost signal in the cafeteria. I was running around trying to get back in range and when I finally did and called him the third time, it was STILL BUSY! Then my battery conked off! I decided to walk to laura's room so that I can make One call using and I did. I said we'd talk more someday after his birthday.

I then had my life drawing class and the model we had today was younger than all the other models we've had before. The exercises that we did were quite frustrating. Measuring the proportion of the body and trying to get an accurate drawing led to me giving up on every drawing when I realized that I had drawn the torso or legs too long. But what was revolutionary was that she(brenda) said we needed to figure out ourselves how many heads tall the model was. She said that none of the given/stated measurements of the length of the human body are always correct. So don't consider some book saying that 'the human body is 7 or 8 or 10 heads tall' as the gospel.

after the life drawing, freddy, peter and maurice came together to work on the painting assignment. It was just a big fuckin disaster and nothing else. Only maurice had gotten ONLY THREE colours and nobody else had brought a thing! I wasn't gonna let them use my paints again because on tuesday, almost all the stuff was mine. After wasting a couple more mins, maurice decided to walk 2 his locker and get the rest of his paints. But since I was the only one who had the required purple, I had to walk back to my locker anyways and get the tube and my brushes. And when we got back, found out that nobody had a pallete! Then freddy decided to run and get the pallete and that's when we finally started.

Still, it was not all good, there was too much work to be done and too many disturbances which I'd rather not discuss here.
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