Friday, March 09, 2007

Katie's room

I want to start off by mentioning something else... It turns out, it was a good thing that the post was lost because I couldn't help myself and wrote about it on deviantart journal, and someone commented that she was being too hard on me. But I think otherwise, and if that comment had been made here, she would have felt bad or hurt. Because I know she has the link to this blog(its in the signature of my gmail) and not my deviantart page. I'm really looking forward to working with her again.

And now back to the hot topics of yesterday! Katie had 'cleaned' up her room in order to have me over. She didn't want me seeing her dirty room. And after seeing her room, I can imagine why. The residence looks like a hotel. The hallways are carpeted, the walls are clean painted nicely, the doors are nicely polished and have a number plate on them. It's very nicely lit and you can't say this is a 'hostel'...that is... until you enter the student's territory. The room was pretty small, just like the guy at the security desk had told us on my first day in college. Or maybe it was just all the stuff that was making it seem small. she had her own television and play-station, loads of dvds-movies or games. And a table at the other end with her laptop, phone and the usual stuff. There was a small bookshelf lined up with what I thought were dvd cases, but turned out to be manga comics/graphic novels. I am really taken aback by the fan following of manga here. The bed was really comfy, and the window let in enough light. If it were to be opened that is. Katie kept it closed most of the time though.

We talked, read manga for a while, I tried out Katie's tablet and had ginger ale for the first time. Hmm... so THAT's what it tastes like... heh, then katie and laura cooked chicken fingers for us all, and then decided to kill time by watching a movie. wait a second... I think we had fingers WHILE watching the movie... anyways, both were good. Lemme see you raise your hands, al the people who have seen "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" say 'I' heh, thought so. I had never heard of it before either. well, After the movie, we all wanted to get busy doing our homework but deciding where to work was a bit confusing. Katie's room didn't have much 'table' space for all four of us, and the pit was too far to walk and obviously not as comfy. So jake decided to bring back drawing boards so that we could work on the bed. He had to get his stuff anyways, so walking all the way to his place wasn't a deal.

But soon, I got really hungry. I suggested we get a pizza, but nobody else agreed at first. Katie went and made some popcorn, and that was finished off real soon! Then at 7:30 I decided to go and get a pizza myself. I walked out, gave a call to Pranav, told him what I was upto, talked about when he was coming online next, and fixed a date and hung up. By this time, I was already inside Gino's and the guy heard me talking in hindi. I expected him to say something about that, but e didn't. I had heard him talking in hindi to the other person who works there and I had the feeling he's Indian. When I gave the order for the pizza, he asked my name and made a comment about yash chopra and prem chopra... I asked him 'you know those ppl?' and he said 'whoever watches hindi movies knows them' Nothing more. I was getting really hungry by the time the pizza was ready and so I ran back to the room with the pizza also because I didn't want to be out in the cold for long.

I asked laura to take a few pictures of us having the pizza because I wanted to show them to harsh. He has always been a fan of the teenage mutant ninja turtles style of pizza, the kind that bends down a lot. We were watching csi on the telly by that time and after the pizza was over, we three-me, katie and jake returned to our work while laura waited for her chicken fingers to get done. I think she ended up kinda overcooking them...LOL. we talked about the Indian food I had at the restaurant at holi, and the kind of butter chicken her mom cooks and Tandoori chicken, it was fun. I want to learn how they cooked those chicken fingers and what kind of chicken I'll need to pick up from the store for that. I can have it like french fries with some ketchup or the jeeraman masala that I got from India. Really, I should have them come over and taste some snacks I have but I feel too scared, they might get sick or something..

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