Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another SAT-UR-DAY!

I told you saturdays were my unlucky day. Its as if they were cursed or something. Today I got a nasty paper cut!...... OK, I was joking....about saturdays being the most awful week of the day. However, the part about 'NASTY' papercut was not a joke. What are you snickering about? Have you ever had a papercut from a 24 inches long edge of newsprint paper? Didn't think so! It burns real bad! And it was just above the nail on my right index finger. I couldn't draw for a few mins... But after a while I was back to making a mess on my pad. Yep! fun 6 hours of drawing!

Last night I had another one of those 'divine intervention' type experience when SOMEHOW, I almost ended up calling pranav, in my sleep. Yes, even the number was dialed and everything. I am not sure if I mentioned the sms thing before, but regardless, I'll tell it to you again.(actually I'm just too lazy to go through the 'ONLY 7' posts which have both the words sms and pranav in them) I had sent an sms to mayank once, and it ended up going to pranav's cell. I checked and rechecked my message history and made sure that it wasn't actually sent to two numbers from my cellphone. It was just some network glitch or as I like to call it, 'miracle'. Then there were times when instead of dialing other people's numbers, my fingers just went over the keys 9850....(I don't want to disclose his number here) and ended up calling or smsing him. So considering that I did such things while I was awake and totally conscious, it comes as no surprise that his number got dialed from my cellphone while I was sleeping and subconscious. but the question is HOW!

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