Monday, May 28, 2007

Five things I miss about India

  • Bashing stupid hindi movies

If I can't see any stupid hindi movies, I have nothing to say about them. Sure I could dig up info about super duper flop movies, through the internet, but that's just too much trouble to go through. In India, it was all right in my face on tv, in the newspapers on the radio and around my peers. So I could just pick up anything and start yapping. I used to feel so fulfilled but now... nothing.

  • Bashing stupid hindi soap operas
Well, you couldn't not be expecting this. I mean only thing more 'laughable' than the stupid 'fillums' is the tv serials. And they are on every damn night on the telly if your mom...or in some cases even your dad... is sitting there. And nothing pleases me more than pissing off a cousin who is busy watching one of his favourite serials. LOL.

  • Washing my ass with water in the loo
Haha... Actually, this was the one that started the ball rolling in my head. I just can't describe it in words... maybe I'll have to draw the picture that's in my head and show it to you. :P

  • Cursing at and getting cursed by crazy drivers on the road
The drivers here are a little too 'polite' for my liking. I really enjoyed the moments of acomplishment when I've just cut off some other driver or overtaken another lame-o who thought he was such a badass driving that fast. I know flicking off a dude once got me into trouble, but I don't regret or despise that incident.
  • Being forced to eat food
Yep. Life's just no fun anymore with nobody telling me to 'eat this vegetable!' I really enjoyed not conforming to the will of my elders specially with respect to food. Now that I can eat whatever I want, life's lost its meaning. Moreover, deciding which one of the pizzas or noodles to eat has become the hardest thing ever! In India however, life was simple. I had two choices the food that I don't like and the food that I like. And I always went know what! ;)


  1. nice post man .. so u are all senti about india eh .. well u said the meaning of life has been lost .. did you realise that you wouldn't have missed India if you hadn't gone there .. !! thats another expereince altogehter .. missing your home country and smiling at what all u missed .. !

  2. yeah, u are so right. I'm all senti about getting to eat my favourite food every day. LOL. I love sarcasm.