Friday, June 01, 2007

Testriffic test

What Disney character are you?

Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse
You are Minnie Mouse! You are extremely peppy and nice. You may come off as annoying at times.. but you care about people's well being. You give more than you get.
How do you compare?
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I loved the idea of making custom quizes for your friends to take and find out how much they know you. So when application didn't work, I decided to go to the source and make one I could post on my blog or something. I ended up on the registration pahe for But the registering process was a put off.. After the basic steps, I was asked over and over again a zillion times, whether I wanted to sign up for so and so freebie or special offer. I don't trust those things at all. So I was pissed and I closed the window. But today I went and decided to take a few quizzes before I went about making one of my own. so here is the result. How about you take the test too, and post your result.


  1. Yeah custom quizzes can be fun! I've never made one though lol.

    As for my test results:

    Mickey Mouse
    You are like the timeless Mickey Mouse! You are friendly and sweet, and like nothing more than making people feel comfortable and making new friends. Chances are you are well-liked and have a comfortable group of friends. Way to go!

  2. you must be feeling pretty darn good about that huh? I'm just pissed that I got a female character!!!