Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy birthday Richa

Yahoo! Another fun holiday!(not really,) I had to take care of some business. I left for college at around, I stored the newsprint pads and my technical pen, illustration board etc in college, went to the bookstore, but it was closed. I went to the library, checked my mail, chatted with Abhishek for a few minutes and decided to walk to Gino's for lunch. I ordered a slice of pizza, and then I remembered, its Richa's Birthday! It was already 12:30 am on the 24th june in India, so I was kinda worried that she had slept, but she picked up the phone as soon as it rang! She was really excited(after the initial confused phase) But believe me, I was more excited than her.

It had been really long since we last chatted or even sent an email to each other, and I didn't know what she knew about me, but I had been getting updates on what she's upto from her little sister Dristi. So I was prepared to tell her all about the things I have been doing here in Canada. Turns out, she has been reading my blogs (unlike some of my other friends) and knows more than I thought. Regardless, we talked for about twenty minutes about my pottery experience, my classmates, all the times I've gone out with them and the activities that we did together. She said she really admired me for going to another country despite being a cancerian and I feel really happy for that. I don't think I could thank her enough for that compliment. I believe she really know what I'm going through. Well, my pizza was getting cold here and her little sister and parents were probably starting to get pissed and wishing she'd go to bed already, LOL, so I hung up.

Then I figured I should give a call to vironica and confirm that I would be staying in that room, and that I want her to hold the room for me. So she said I could give her a couple hundred if not the complete rent to hold the room for me. Now I had to go to the bank and get cash the 250 dollar refund check that I got from the college residence. I took the 24 bus from college, and guess what! I didn't have to pay, it was free! Hmm, is it free every Saturday? I would totally roam around he city every Saturday if it is! Anyways, I quickly got back and as I was walking to Veronica's house, I realized I didn't know the house number. I called her up, but she wasn't home so I walked back home.

At home I got a call which I recieved, but couldn't hear anything. I guess it was vironica, because a little while later, she called again, and asked where I was. She even gave me her house number (Oh crap! I forgot it again! I just remember that it was in the 2000 series). But when I told her I was already back home and was kinda tired now, she offered to come pick me up/or just the money?.. I was not very comfortable with this option, for some reason I don't know, I didn't want her to see the current house I'm living at. Plus, it would be awkward for herself too, to come to my house, meet with me and probably my landlord too, and just take the money and leave. So I asked if I could come to her house tomorrow, but she said she was going to the Niagra falls. Oh that ought to be fun! She said she'll leave at 12 pm so I should come to her house before that if I want to come on sunday or I could go on monday. Whatever, I'll think about it tomorrow now.

And yeah, I want to announce that I got a flickr pro account, and I would like you guys to go check out my collections and sets. Go to

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