Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who the heck is getting married?

Oh, this is a good one. I didn't want to forget one second of it. But inevitably, you always end up forgetting some part of your dream, ALWAYS! I also had another dream of me traveling in mumbai local train again, I was behaving like a noob again, the name of the station I wanted to get down at was written on a piece of paper. I got down at some station, but I walked to the place where I had to go as if I knew my way around that place perfectly well. I don't remember anything else about this dream, but lets move to the good part. 

We are definitely in some foreign country. Preparations for a wedding are in full swing. There is commotion everywhere... hehe, no surprises here, this always happens at Indian weddings. We drive down to the mandap. I look into some more arrangements. Then Its time to check out the car, car decoration and the band. most of the band guys are foreigners except for two. We enquire whether they can play hindi songs. They said yes, they can. And 'johnny' here can sing while the others play music. And this johnny was JOHNNY LEVER. HAH!

Next, I remember we are dancing in the baraat. (I know I was dancing and not sitting on the horse so it wasn't my wedding; okay?)It was dark, and not very crowded on the road or where ever we were. They were playing great hindi songs one after the other. I can't seem to remember them all, but I definitely remember 'say na say na' from bluff master and us dancing to it. The faces I remember are vivek jijaji(oh yeah happy birthday jiju!), sonu didi, tina, Divya, Purva. I couldn't help but ponder why no friends.. Maybe because none of my friends have ever come to a family wedding before. Anyways, I was really excited with the sound of the hindi songs even though they were in a dream. That's why when the alarm went off, I just let it go on, and listened to the song : pyaar karke pachtaya. 

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