Sunday, July 01, 2007

Panicking is one of my bad habits

I am definitely screwed. Royally. I had been putting off painting the self portraits for the whole week, the whole break, and now, I can't get into the college, and I don't have access to my materials and I can't paint. I checked both the A wing doors and B wing door. The AA building is accessible, but it doesn't lead into any other building. I don't know what the heck I'm gonna do! I even want to move some of my stuff from this house to the new place! Its just too much! I'm loosing it! Help!

That was the scenario around 12 p.m.. Since then, a lot has changed. I've finished my first self portrait, and because its just really shitty, I am not gonna be showing it to you guys. I will get around to starting the second one sometime soon and will definitely let you see it if it turns out better. As of now, I'm friggin hungry. The flashback on what really happened earlier, right after these messages from the sponsor...

And we're back! Almost as if I never left. See, these kind of breaks are so less annoying than the ones on television. And we're getting back to the topic even quicker. Just a few seconds after I got all negative and gloomy about me not being able to do my assignment, I got a call from Vironica, and she said she would come to the college to pick me up! I explained my dilemma to her, and as soon as she arrived, like a wo(man) on a mission, she barged towards the doors of the buildings convincing me 'We are gonna get in!' And after going halfway around the whole campus, we found that the right hand side of the main entrance door was open! wow! I could finally get in, get my painting stuff out and go home. The day is saved, thanks to the powerpuff girls! Oh sorry, I kinda drifted away there, thanks vironica. 

Now if only I had calmed down and looked around a little more, a little better, I wouldn't have almost had a heart attack. So I really need to learn to not panic. But I guess it'll take some time. After all, old habits die hard. 

And yeah, its dad's birthday on 2nd june. And its already 2nd june there in India. Happy birthday dad!

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