Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sacche jhoothe khwaab

translation: Real Unreal Dreams
maybe its true/false dreams

Before I go and sleep, and see another dream/nightmare that I would want to write about, lets flash back to what I saw last night... I was with suraj and mihir. I guess that makes sense since I was recently talking to mihir about suraj. We really wanted to go to this waterpark or something similar...maybe a amusement park or beach... We were really excited, but when we asked suraj's dad, he said no. That's something that always happened. Mamaji Never let us do anything fun! LOL. And we were pretty damn pissed about that. 

Now we wanted to find a way to get back at the grownups and still sneak and go to the water park. I am unclear on the details from here on, but I bet it was action packed and exciting. Maybe a little too much. It could have been like one of the over exaggerated hindi movie types... Yeah, it was definitely a hindi movie... because I remember waking up with 'dil to pagal hai' in my head... It obviously played a part in my dream... haha... 

Well, That's it for tonight. A really short post.

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