Saturday, July 21, 2007

Idiot had his cellphone turned off!

I couldn't sleep very well. I was really uncomfortable, and then I started having bad dreams that made me really sweaty. Still, I somehow woke up at 7:00 am and got ready, vironica was up too, I had to stop at the college first, I wanted to get another newsprint pad out from the locker. She talked to me about how I slept, and I told her about the nightmares, funny thing to discuss... these dreams. I was reminded of the times I talked to abhinav about my silly dreams. Anyways, we got to the go station a little early, so Vironica took me to tim hortons and bought sandwich, doughnut, coffee AND timbits! wow! That was really nice of her. I was really happy.

But sitting in the go train, I got really emotional, I started remembering events from India, from my childhood... Specifically the time when we were in mumbai,('bombay' back then) we went on the local train... tears rolled down my eyes. By the way, I'd definitely say mom and dad are much better parents now than they were 7 or 8 years ago. I remember how they would humiliate/embarrass me in front of my friends and so I would be really scared to bring friends over. Anyways, moving on...

I would call up pranav almost every saturday while I am going to portfolio workshop class. I was walking from st claire station to the hungarian cultural center again today as they still hadn't finished the construction at the subway station. I tried calling him a couple times but I kept getting the message that his cellphone was turned off. I was so friggin pissed at him. I had so many things to tell him. I even tried during the break and after the class was over, but got the same response. He is gonna get  serious yelling for this.

I felt like I really had some kinda breakthrough in life drawing today. Most remarkable was, gerard finally explained what he meant by 'don't draw those little circles'. I thought I ended up with a lot of good drawings that I can keep. I also saw gerard picking out good drawings from rolls and rolls of newsprint that soniya and Fez had brought. I figured even I should start keeping the newsprints from now on.... In Vince's class, we were shown a storyboard from silence of the lambs, and then we watched the scene from the dvd on his laptop. Later, we drew storyboard sketches from a scene in monsters inc. That was really fun. I say I could keep doing that all the time. Finally, we made our own storyboard from a script that Vince gave us. I was really keen on getting a lot of feedback from vince on this exercise because I also wanted to make a storyboard  of my own script that I wrote for my character.

Getting back home was a pain again, the go train got delayed because some kid pressed the yellow strip and they wouldn't leave until they made sure everything was alright. Thus, I missed the bus, and would have to wait for another hour for the next bus! My cellphone's battery was dead by now, and I don't have Vironica's number memorized so I couldn't even call her. Damn! All because I kept trying to call pranav! And now even if vironica was trying to call me, she couldn't reach me. I got back at almost 9 pm and she wasn't home either. I would have to go shopping tomorrow now. So got to quickly go to bed before I get hungry.


  1. Next time be sure to call Pranav only when your battery isn't low.

    I understand it must have been really annoying.

  2. rule of thumb .. always charge your mobile overnight ..

  3. well, abhinav, it doesn't work that way. I have to call him whenever I feel like it. on monday, I called him up at 1 am IST. he must have been super pissed, but I felt much better after talking to him....but now I feel a lil guilty...

  4. Another rule : should carry an extra battery :D

  5. yeah right, get me an extra battery and I won't mind carrying it.