Monday, July 30, 2007

two consecutive days of workshop

I read my horoscope on facebook today, it said "you were supposed to do an important thing but you totally forgot. do it quickly before everyone finds out." so I stood up, and quickly zipped up my pants! Now that that's out of the way, lets get to updating my blog!

I had one of the busiest weekends. I was drawing for 12 hours! But that's still not enough. And I could have drawn more. what was really tiring was waking up that early and commuting to the Royal Ontario Museum, and back. Saturday was the first time I saw the museum. Its totally unbelievable. I think I like the museum the best of all the places I've visited in Canada so far. I even got a membership, that was just about 40 dollars, now I can go there as many times as I want. And I am sure I will take a camera to that place someday and take pictures of all the beautiful things there! There were a lot of gift item with pictures of the ROM on them, but it all seemed overpriced. Anyways, here are few images from the internet.

We drew birds and animals with gerard, and then went down to B2 to see the japanese art exhibit. These works were copyrighted, and we weren't allowed to draw or take photographs of them, but still, Cameron thought he was being really sneaky and took some pictures of some Hokusai prints. The security guards obviously noticed this, and were looking at us with suspicion... But luckily, we didn't get kicked out or anything. With Vince, we drew the busts and figures in the Greek exhibit, and then went down to the european section to draw drapery from statues. I was kinda happy with how some of my drawings turned out, but then, I was totally tired. So tired that I totally forgot about the simpsons movie. I just went back home.

This was the first time we were gonna have class on Sunday too. Even yesterday, a bunch of people didn't show up, and I figured we'd have much less today. juan was literally sleeping in the museum yesterday itself! There was no way he was gonna show up today! We drew the rooms in the European exhibits, and then we went down to the Chinese and Korean exhibits, and drew characters from the artifacts there. I also drew a bunch of funky samurai helmets. They may come in handy some day when I'm drawing a samurai character. They had a lot of chinese coins on display in a box, and I was really awed by them. I wanted to grab 'em all! (By the way, I collect coins)

We walked to pizza pizza further down the street for lunch, and me and Seniya went to check out the new part of the museum. The dianosaur exhibit was closed down for renovation. We walked around the 'discovery gallery' section, and we saw bones of dianosaurs that were put under sand and we could use brushes to excavate the 'fossils'. It was really fun. Then there was the chain mail that they used in the moghul empire in India. And I was telling about that to seniya, and the curator there was really amazed. He went over, looked at the description, and said, "hey, I heard you say this is from moghul India, and it actually is!" I said "yeah, I'm from India, we learned this in history." Then there were some Hindu gods and goddess idols there and I could recognize them all(surprise surprise!)

Later, with gerard, we did box drawings of birds and leopard, cheetah etc... And when I was sitting there, listening to what gerard had to say, (something about all the people of different race/ethnicity should have sex and make babies which are not a pure race but are 'diluted' or mixed... this way, we would avoid racism... like say, a white muslim or an american muslim...hey, I'm drifting away from the point here...) A little girl came to me and saw my drawings said I draw really well, I asked her if she likes to draw, she said she draws very well, and she drew a little bear on my sketchbook. It was such a unique experience... her dad even took a picture of her drawing on my sketchbook. I will scan or take a picture of it and upload it on flickr soon. I showed that to gerard and said "look what I drew" and gerard goes "WE NEED TO TALK YASH!" LOL.

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