Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh the dreams just never stop!

This one's got to win the award for the most detailed, themed, story'd dream ever! I am still amazed at the whole plot of the dream, and the details that I still remember about 5 hours since I actually saw it! It was like I was watching a movie! And even though I woke up once in between, I went back to sleep to try and finish it. But then it was getting late for college...

Allright, it starts out in a school/college campus ground, which is not very big, trees are almost everywhere, so its nice and shady. A lot of benches etc are present for students to sit. I am sitting alone, as usual, and I suddenly get a call. I pick it up, and the 'camera' zooms out, pans to a doorway, and zooms in again on the three girls who are coming out. One of them is wearing a school uniform looking dress, and she's on her cellphone, and talking away really fast, in HINDI! I hear on the other end, 

"अभी शूटिंग के लिए जा राहे हैं. बहार गेट पे मिलो" Meaning "we are going for the shoot NOW! Meet us at the gate" 

"What? who are you? how come u speak hindi?" This surprised reaction from me means I was not in India I guess... And then I look around, and see her, walking out with two other girls I know. She just hangs up her cellphone, doesn't respond to my question.

Next, we cut to a jeep, driving down really fast down a road that is surrounded by really dense trees and foliage. I guess we were in some jungle, and far away from civilization. The driver is going wild. and nobody is wearing the seatbelt. Infact, they are not even sitting.! 

I don't know.. dancing maybe?

And as the jeep takes a sharp turn, me, and few others fall due to the centrifugal force/inertia (whichever applies)... And we roll into the bushes. We stand up, and try to call out, but I guess the driver is too drunk to notice..

Maybe he didn't realize, or he just didn't care. Another mystery.

We start walking, and eventually end up going into a really big building that we spotted. It looks like ruins of an old institute. We walk in, and we are captured by a teacher(?) who is really manic and scary. He puts us in a room with a few other people. We talk to them about where this place is, what's going on, and all we could find out was that there's something worth 'capturing' behind the wall on the right. Now is when I realized I or one of us, had fallen with our camera and we still had it. 

I remember laura talking to me. Even she knew hindi! What? this is really weird! I could never remember when we spoke in a particular language in a dream before! I think she was saying we need to record all this on film, with our camera so that we can show this to someone if we ever get out of here. And that she believed in the thing we had heard about the wall, and what was behind it.

We try to tap on the wall, or communicate, take video of the wall, when we can....when the scary teacher ghost or zombie wasn't around. I guess it didn't take him long to figure out we were up to something. And the next time we were trying to make a hole in the wall or find a way to get through to the other side, something really weird happened!

The wall went all translucent, like it was a cloth, and there was a huge light shining on the other side! We saw a silhouette of the teacher monster, and all of a sudden, he comes into the room, right through the wall, and his face is all bloody! I fall down backwards, and he comes really close to me, gives me a serious stare, and starts laughing evil-ly. I can tell, I was pretty scared.(In the dream) I would imagine he killed or ate whatever there was behind that wall that could have helped us!

Now we had no hope left.

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