Thursday, July 05, 2007

chat with abhinav rao

abhirao2001: hey dude am reading your article
abhirao2001: you fell from the jeep?
abhirao2001: :o
yash_unique: oh yeah, its almost fit to be the script for the movie we are supposed to make for art of cinema class
abhirao2001: how many of you fell?
yash_unique: I was writing that in the break, sitting in the canteen, and I realized It was almost class time, but I still didn't stop. I finished the whole blog post and ran to the class
yash_unique: I am not sure. the dreams are always little hazy, but I think 3 of us
abhirao2001: interesting dreams
abhirao2001: was it first person or third person btw
abhirao2001: hehe
abhirao2001: while falling
yash_unique: aren't all dreams in the third person? I mean you can see things happening to urself right?
abhirao2001: sometimes in First person sometimes third eprson for me
yash_unique: I can't remember any first person dreams... maybe in ur case because u've played more fps games than me...
abhirao2001: :o
abhirao2001: lol
abhirao2001: not related to fps though
abhirao2001: though once I did have this dream
abhirao2001: all of us were having weapons
abhirao2001: from Unreal Tournament
abhirao2001: and the announcer speaks "Are you ready for the tournament?"
abhirao2001: Everyone shouts: YEAAAHHHH!"
abhirao2001: Let's go!
yash_unique: wow
abhirao2001: lol
yash_unique: do u remember more of the fight?
abhirao2001: then I see my self fraggin people
abhirao2001: yeah
abhirao2001: yeah plasma gun
abhirao2001: shock rifle
abhirao2001: me getting fragged lol
abhirao2001: was fun
abhirao2001: this was back then when i was sick
yash_unique: shock rifle was in UT 2k3 right?
abhirao2001: its in all games
abhirao2001: but yes that one in my dream was from 2k3
abhirao2001: back then
abhirao2001: I had got Ut 2k3 original
yash_unique: I only remember the classical rifle in UT
abhirao2001: but it wouldn't play on my old PC
yash_unique: aww
abhirao2001: hehe
abhirao2001: but the dream was awesome
abhirao2001: then suddenly
abhirao2001: I see this girl
abhirao2001: she tells me to put down my weapon
yash_unique: we've all had that kinda experience with pcs.. fuckin 5 year old tin can
abhirao2001: lol
yash_unique: oooh, was she hot?
abhirao2001: yes
abhirao2001: we became good friends
abhirao2001: we even held hands while walking
abhirao2001: lol
yash_unique: wow
yash_unique: girl of ur dreams eh
abhirao2001: in the dream the environments weren't from the game
abhirao2001: different ones rendered by my brain lol
abhirao2001: but it was a cool dream
abhirao2001: i wish we could watch some great dreams again
yash_unique: what's the oldest dream u remember?
abhirao2001: oldest
abhirao2001: hmm
abhirao2001: let me think
yash_unique: and not just falling
yash_unique: lol
abhirao2001: hmm
abhirao2001: can't remember oldest
abhirao2001: lol
abhirao2001: but I do remember some
abhirao2001: maybe I was in 3rd std that time
yash_unique: what happened?
abhirao2001: hmm back then lol
abhirao2001: superman heman
abhirao2001: turtles
abhirao2001: lol
abhirao2001: there was one in which I was heman
yash_unique: wow
abhirao2001: lol
abhirao2001: but it was more of a video game
abhirao2001: something like that
abhirao2001: can't remember exact details
abhirao2001: lol
abhirao2001: btw you liked my UT 2k3 dream? :D
yash_unique: did you ever play with g i joe action figures?
abhirao2001: YES!!!
abhirao2001: YO JOE!!
abhirao2001: lol
yash_unique: yeah, ur dream...its facinating
abhirao2001: tell me any interesting dreams you've had ;)
yash_unique: and did you ever play g i joe with friends?
abhirao2001: YES
abhirao2001: :D
abhirao2001: Gung Ho SNake eyes!
abhirao2001: lo
abhirao2001: hehe
abhirao2001: good times
abhirao2001: Heman action figures
yash_unique: gung ho was my first action figure
abhirao2001: :D
yash_unique: okay, we used to play g i joe, me and my cousins, we'd make up missions and we'd have to go through a set course that would involve jumping from here to there, and climbing walls or if we were outdoors, swinging on anything we could find etc...
yash_unique: or we'd just play follow the leader and go around doing 'dangerous' things...
abhirao2001: wow awesome :D
abhirao2001: I can't remember any of my stories though
abhirao2001: lol
yash_unique: once, we were playing g i joe around the house, and my cousin who was shorted than me, jumped from the couch to the dining table, I was to follow him, and I jumped, but hit my head on the beam that was protruding down from the ceiling and fell down!
abhirao2001: :(
yash_unique: ok, yeah, the dream...
yash_unique: I had a dream I was fighting an alien (or earth made) enemy robot..
abhirao2001: wow
yash_unique: We used up all our gun power and missiles on it and nothing happened. it was immune to it all!
abhirao2001: gosh
yash_unique: you know the one g i joe who knew martial arts and used samurai swords and nanchuks and no guns..?
abhirao2001: hey do you feel sometimes when you used to have a great time as a kid ( Gi joe etc) you wish you were back in that phase to live it again?
abhirao2001: yeah
abhirao2001: Quick Kick
abhirao2001: or was it Kwik kick
abhirao2001: I had him
abhirao2001: :)
yash_unique: yeah yeah, quick kick!
abhirao2001: :D
abhirao2001: ah good times
yash_unique: he was my fave!!!
abhirao2001: one of my friends had a Robocop Gi joe action figure
yash_unique: uh huh...
abhirao2001: some gi joes were really muscle men
yash_unique: I really got into the g i joe phase pretty late... I'd say
abhirao2001: that's ok
abhirao2001: like Sgt. Smasher
abhirao2001: muscles good
abhirao2001: lol
yash_unique: and so, I still remember it like it was yesterday
abhirao2001: :D
yash_unique: yeah, I remember sgt smasher
abhirao2001: :D
yash_unique: I think one of my cousins had it
abhirao2001: I used to first think he was Wild Bill
abhirao2001: that pilot
yash_unique: were there lots of weapons/accessories that came with it?
abhirao2001: who used to "Yo'd yo" instead of Yo joe
abhirao2001: don't remember
abhirao2001: I wonder where those toys went
abhirao2001: the magic seems lost now
yash_unique: I still have a few,
yash_unique: others, broke...
abhirao2001: yeah lol
yash_unique: some I gave to my younger cousins
abhirao2001: some of my joes had like only one leg
abhirao2001: LOL
yash_unique: yeah...
abhirao2001: one broke a thumb
abhirao2001: LOL
abhirao2001: Lady jay had only one leg
abhirao2001: lol
abhirao2001: btw hey do you remember?
yash_unique: It took me a while to figure out what that hole in their foot/shoe was for
abhirao2001: They used to give free gijoes with Horlicks?
yash_unique: no... I didn't drink horlicks
abhirao2001: I remember a little of the TV commercial
yash_unique: still don't like horlicks LOL
abhirao2001: hehe
yash_unique: my quick kick's foot(the toes part) broke off, because it was soo thin
abhirao2001: aww
abhirao2001: also the knees would get loose
yash_unique: yeah
abhirao2001: ah good times
yash_unique: still, they were awesome made toys for that time
abhirao2001: yeah
yash_unique: my parents thought they were too expensive
abhirao2001: today I don't think kids have many toys to enjoy like we used to back then
yash_unique: and they were just 40 or 50 bucks right?
abhirao2001: since video gaming has evloved
abhirao2001: :o
abhirao2001: I don't think so re
abhirao2001: my grandpa got me a TMNT action figure of Raphael
abhirao2001: that was 350/-
abhirao2001: that's all I remember
yash_unique: wow!
abhirao2001: oh man I remembered one more thing
abhirao2001: I used to go with my grandpa
abhirao2001: visit many shops
abhirao2001: look at the gorgeous Heman toys
abhirao2001: ah lovely days
abhirao2001: you ever smelt your toys? lol
abhirao2001: sniffed*
abhirao2001: used to like the smell
yash_unique: no.. I don't think so...
abhirao2001: TMNT toys had toothpaste smell for their teeth
abhirao2001: I wonder how they did that
yash_unique: me and my cousin suraj would go into this toy shop every day while returning from the basketball camp during the summers
abhirao2001: :)
yash_unique: and look at all the amazing g i joe toys there...
abhirao2001: :D
yash_unique: hey, the dream, the story isn't finished yet...
yash_unique: I used to like quick kick a lot yeah,
abhirao2001: which
yash_unique: so I saw myself as quick kick in the dream. and after everyone's ammo had run out,
abhirao2001: wow
yash_unique: I run to the alien robot, and give it one kick,
abhirao2001: Wow!
abhirao2001: :D
abhirao2001: :D
yash_unique: and it falls!
abhirao2001: I can imagine how exciting it must have been :D
yash_unique: I still remember how it looked
yash_unique: ...the dream
abhirao2001: :D
yash_unique: it was soo cool!
abhirao2001: would like to watch your dream
yash_unique: didn't we already have this conversation of dream recorder?
abhirao2001: I used to get many dreams of being Sipderman too swingin wall climbing all crazy stunts all in first person lol
abhirao2001: yes we did :D

yash_unique: oh thanks a lot

abhirao2001: for what lol

abhirao2001: bringing back memories?

yash_unique: yeah, thanks for everything

abhirao2001: :D

abhirao2001: those times were so good

abhirao2001: how things change in life


  1. hehe...good one.

  2. o are u, anonymous? I know the irony of asking an anonymous commenter his identity, if he wanted to reveal himself, he'd have posted his name there in the first place... but I'm requesting to reveal yourself if u can.

  3. Ah good times. Gi Joe He-man, TMNT and other action figures. Collect them all!

    Yo Joe!

  4. yeah, I had seen this show on tv about people who collect antique toys and stores that sell antique toys... it was so amazing to watch that.