Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Very un-typical day

Okay, stupid corel painter X. Damn thing won't work on my OS X 10.4! I practically wasted the whole day yesterday trying to get it to work. I have even lost count of how many times I've uninstalled and reinstalled it. I only wanted to do some painting for my assignment. Yeah, painting on the computer is supposed to be less messy and fun, plus a lot faster, easier, simpler...But it wasn't fast or easy or simple, because damn software refuses to work! Hate it!

Atleast my illustrator is working fine. Computers have a tendency to just drop dead the minute you need 'em the most. But this is a mac, and I consider myself lucky. In class, I worked on both my 2d design assignments, but didn't end up finishing either. In painting, something seemed to click, and again, this week, I think this one's my best painting so far. I hope the pattern continues the next three weeks. I am actually starting to like it, and I think I will take painting next sem, even if I'm not 'REQUIRED' to.

Watched 'Are we there yet' and 'Norbit' both half decent movies. Killed some time. Oh..I don't even want to talk about the barbecue disaster today! But I still ended up having myself a decent meal. Vironica brought a whole bunch of mint. I am definitely gonna make some chutney tomorrow! Can't wait!

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