Monday, August 06, 2007

full day of painting! allright!

So, I have been toiling to finish the enormous two by three feet painting all weekend, (well, not exactly... I just started on sunday. But I was GONNA start it on saturday, I swear! I was inspired by vandy, she's so far ahead of us in finishing the assignments! But unfortunately, the alarm failed to wake me up in the night. I should have known this painting in the night thing wasn't gonna work... Vironica suggested tht I paint from a photograph, but I wanted to try painting it from life. So on sunday night, I finally started on the painting.

First, I had trouble setting up my 'workstation' (I just wanted to use that word... LOL. It seems to be a magnet for some reason. my photo on flickr titled 'my workstation' has gotten much more hits than any other pic in its time frame! ) Well, I awkwardly used the canvas on my lap, on the floor leaning against the stool, or standing on the stool... but nothing seemed to work! Its like when you're painting that huge, you need more elbow room to wildly wave your hands in the air and pull your hair in angst when things don't seem to work. LOL. No, really, I found it impossible to paint without standing up in front of the canvas at my eye level. I ended up doing really shitty work. Even the colors I was using weren't on the money. So I finally quit and went back to sleep at i think 6 am.

I woke up at 10 am and got ready to go to college. Vironica made me some breakfast! SO SWEEEET! I also got a call from mickey saying that airport in his laptop was screwed up for some reason and he wanted to call him mom. He sounded really worried but I had to do my own painting stuff too, so I told him I was coming to the college anyways, and I am bringing my laptop with me, so he can use skype on my MBP to call his mommy. So I packed my stuff, and vironica drove me to college, she had some work to do too... Well, the painting room was closed so I asked a security guard to open it for me, because I wanted to paint. I made a sorry face and told him "I just got to finish this assignment or else I'll fail..." LOL and he radioed another security guard, who met me in the pit, and unlocked the door to the painting studio for me. I was finally in!

Here, I finally had the space, the right lighting condition and atmosphere and everything I needed to get going. It worked magic on my painting. I finally started doing things right. First the ceiling in my room, then the door and door frame, then the ceiling above the chandelier and the wall. It all started looking pretty neat. now I was getting to the tough part. The beautiful hard wood floors and railings and the lights. I kinda lost it here. but it was pretty late and I decided I wanted to go back home now. I called up vironica, and she came to pick me up. She even said that the painting is looking a lot better than in the morning. YAY!

But the job's not quite done yet. and I still have a lot of painting to go. So I will stop typing and start mixing. But wait, maybe I need a table lamp with white light to be able to judge colors correctly... lets ask vironica if she has one I could borrow. bye for now ya'll...

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