Saturday, August 18, 2007

Victory speech

Well days 13 14 and 15 were the last important days for the 2nd sem of art fundamentals. Also, the last week in college for some. And even though its been almost a week, I can't seem to forget those days. The sense of accomplishment I felt when I finally finished my self portrait. I showed it to the kids from my class, even the teacher agreed there was a good likeness. I want to scan it and upload it too, but the lack of a bigger scanner is stopping me. I have also tried looking up large scanners to buy on the internet, but no luck finding a good resource. I would totally appreciate it if someone could give me some pointers.

Back home, I started working on my 3d assignments. I had to print out more copies of the painting 'Creation of man' by Michaelangelo. I pasted 'em on the hand and the laptop, and honestly, it was looking pretty neat! I wished I could have taken pictures of it. Then I started off sanding the sculpture to get rid of the fingerprints and unevenness. Nothing was left to be done for Imaging systems, we were just gonna have a presentation. I couldn't wait to get my mark for the concept bike that I designed and then scan it and color it using photoshop or corel painter x. I'd been downloading and watching videos from gnomon workshop on how to color environments and interiors and found the whole process very cool.

So on tuesday, we have a long crit on both our sculptures and hybrid projects. I really liked alex J.'s ninja/samurai fighter guy. Although he had some anatomy issues and his paint job was pretty sloppy. Also, Zimmer's sculpture was looking pretty neat, but it couldn't stand and wasn't mounted. My sculpture got an A and my hybrid assignment got a B+ as far as I can remember. I was really happy with the marks. And I was in for a surprise in the Imaging systems class too. Because bob ree had put up the final marks of the students who had handed in all their stuff so far. And I was on the third position in the class! I had a 82% score, for the first time, in over 5 years, my score went above 80% in some course/class/subject. It was like a huge breakthrough for me. And, I'd also like to let u know that I got an A in the final assignment. My concept bike. I was so happy, I was feeling truly triumphant.

Back home, I knew this was the last day I'll get to work on my 2d design assignment but we also had to go shopping so me and vironica went to the two indian grocery store I had looked up, and bought lots of cool indian food that I had been longing for so long. I bought some samosas, from both the places, I thought it would be fun to try them out. We heated them up, and I gave one to vironica to taste, and some to Ian, vandy and their friend to taste. They liked it I believe. So it was a huge success. I was totally stuffed with samosas. Between the 5 of us, the 8 samosas disappeared in no time. Then it was time to go upstairs and get busy with the assignments.

I figured I could add a few highlights on the circle of the phobia assignment (which I've also been calling the scratch ticket assignment.) and make it look like a glass ball. I took a few prints of my amychophobia assignment's starting stages, and the final, but it wasn't working particularly well until I figured out how to get a gradient from white to translucent in illustrator. I decided to start on the skier in the canada project, and I googled for images of speed sking for reference. I found particularly good reference images here, and because speed skiing poses are so typical, I got going on it, and I was so engrossed in it for hours that I feel I kinda overdid it. That was the only part of the illustration that didn't 'fit in' it seemed like it was taken from a clip art...according to some other students. But the teacher didn't say much except that I should have downplayed it a little. Anyways.

During the break, I talked to Vandy, and Ian, and some other kids from the other class about how Brian's marking the kids, and the picture they painted(pun intended) was rather grim. They said that a lot of kids from their class were either failing or had to talk to the program coordinator for final decision. That sounded pretty scary. Because I was not very confident about my paintings, and was afraid that I might get an awful grade too. But I guess it all worked out for the good, I went in the painting room, started to fix my painting from last week, (I had restarted on the painting last week so effectively, I had only worked for one week instead of two, on this piece...) I guess I kinda work better under pressure because in the end, I was pretty happy with the result. It might not have been that subtle at places, but as I put all my earlier paintings next to it for the crit, I could see how I had improved. And I guess the teacher felt the same way, he said he could see me making a genuine effort and he saw some of my work as a C+ and some as a B so I got a B!

Well, All was done. I was really happy everything was DONE, finally. And so is this blog post.

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