Friday, August 10, 2007

I am so friggin hungry! and its 12:30 am !

What am I doing up so late? well, now, trying to put my growling stomach to sleep! You see, I just somehow wandered off into the territory of Indian food blogs. YEAH, I KNOW! I was just looking up chillies and peppers and jalapeƱos... I just wanted to know if there's a basic distinction between the not hot at all 'bell pepper'/capsicum and the long slim 'mirch' we had in India, and the mexican variety, which is unusually thick, the 'hal-ah-pen-yo' But the next thing I know, I had read through atleast 20 recipies, subscribed to a bunch of blog feeds and now I am really REALLY hungry.

I have a bag of chips to my left here, but its empty. I don't want to walk downstairs at this time, because the noise from the wooden flooring will wake everyone up! Specially with my 'enthusiastic' stride. I just tend to run down the stairs...LOL. Its just like I can't stand being there.. or maybe I just 'slip away'... Ahem, so I was saying, I did have dinner, and I was eating some chips while watching knocked up, and still, all that delicious food made me hungry. I don't even have anything downstairs that I feel like eating right now.

In the afternoon today, I made papad churmur and roasted bread in a pan with butter. Oh god! It really did feel amazing! I can't remember how long it had been since I ate that, I mean, it wasn't even on the list of 'the food I want to eat before I leave for canada'. Oh I really expect you to know what churmur is... if you're still scratching your head over what I meant, drop me a line or ping me and I'll be happy to send u an explanation, photo, recipe whatever. Okay, 'food I want to eat before I leave for canada' list had Okra on the top! I just love deep fried Okra that my mom makes. But something happened that day when mom made the deep fried okra for me in pune, and I am pretty sure it hurt my mom more than it upset me. Arjun and aniruddh bhaiya wanted me to eat some other garbage because its supposed to be more 'healthy' for me, and I kinda ended up filling myself up on it(because they wouldn't let up already) and I didn't eat a lot of okra....Now I better wrap up before I cry..


  1. Cheer up bro... I used to HATE food (eating and cooking it) before I left home for England at the age of 18. Now I have a food blog and can't stop cooking and eating Indian food. Sometimes you just don't appreciate what you've got until you lose it...

    (PS = try mango pickle with bread for hitting that spot sometime... a real winner! :-))

  2. right said. so true. oh yeah, I do eat mango pickle with bread or tortilla or sometimes naan... really amazing.

    And thank you so much for visiting my lil blog.