Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My nightmare

Yeah, yet another bad dream. This one has got to do with my college. To put it in context, maybe I should tell you what happened yesterday. The whole 'getting my visual and creative arts schedule' incident. The time table was supposed to be up on the access sheridan page but for me, it didn't show up. I asked laura, and she said she got hers. So I started wondering why am I the one who's left out? I've had a similar experience earlier too. So I decided to Investigate! Nah, I just really wanted my new weekly schedule and that's all. So off to college I go.

At sheridan, I first go in and talk to the girl at the advisement center, she says that there are a lot of people who's schedules have not shown up yet because the people incharge are entering it manually into the database, and it might take time. I should go back, and wait till tomorrow to see what happens, and if it doesn't show up, I can come back to college. I leave and go to the International center. The nice lady there checks in, and says that my fees is paid for sure, and she can't get my timetable either, so I should go to admissions: D100 and talk to the program registration incharge. I went in, and found....someone I don't remember the name of....and told her my problem. She took my student ID number and logged into whatever administrative page they go to, and said that I had a conditional offer, and my grades from art fundamentals have not come yet, so I didn't get put into any class yet. But I assured her I was passing all the classes and she said she could manually enter me into one of the classes that have room and give me a schedule.

I'll let you know about the shitty college schedule later, not lets move to what I saw last night. I was dreaming that I find out that I didn't get into visual and creative arts because I failed in a subject. The subject? MARATHI! A language subject that I had in school from first to 10th grade. The ONE subject that I truly despised. I couldn't even put it into context when I was dreaming that its not a class administered at sheridan college. And I was so depressed because it was like the end of my schooling here in canada. If I didn't get into visual and creative arts, I won't be able to extend my visa and I will have to go back to India! Damn! But in all this panicking, I finally woke up, and I realized that it was a dream that can not be coming true.

well, it was 5 am, so I went back to sleep again! Got a big day ahead of me.

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