Thursday, August 09, 2007


I was walking to school the other day, and I saw a cute little kid walking with him mom. He kept looking back, and I guess he looked back at me too... I thought that was so cute. I realized they were walking to the small house which had a really shabby backyard, and I figured they were a low income family... I then remembered that I had seen this kid back during the winter, playing in the snow in the same backyard. He was really happy, he obviously wasn't thinking why his backyard is so small and shabby, why he didn't have slides or trampoline or swimming pool there. And I thought to myself I regret the day I started to understand the rich and poor concept.

This might sound like the part two of my earlier post, but I assure u, its not. Even though I didn't get a lot of real comments(oh who am I kidding, there was only ONE) on the blog post 'If I had my life to live over again' I did get responses via emails and scraps and even got 10 click comments so far. And I think that's enough for me. I am actually thinking of doing the follow up of that post, just so that I can also mention the other people who matter in my life. But this is not it.

So, as I was saying, I really regret the day I figured out what being rich meant and what being poor meant. I wish that never happened. I don't want to get into the why's of poverty or the how's of reform, I'm just saying, I would have liked to be that innocent(or naive) all my life. I believe after I understood the rich and poor concept, I started noticing kids who were poorly dressed, who were working in pan pattis, chai stalls, and I felt so many different things I can't describe. Working, was shameful, the working class was looked down upon... but here, its not so. Lot of kids work and they don't necessarily have to be the poor people and it is not looked down upon. My outlook has changed drastically! And I hope the same kind of change happens in India too. Soon. But, getting back to my title, there is nothing like the innocent child, the naive,pure,honest mind of a kid.


  1. Wow really good article man! Keep em coming. ;)

  2. sure I will man. love seeing ur comments here :)

  3. even here in india at places you can see kids are just happy working where they are .. !! .. and the employee and employer difference should not be there ..

  4. yeah, they are happy, but YOU and I know that they can't nearly be making enough money to afford good education and therefore are gonna stay poor all their lives... Kids can put themselves through college by working during the summers here. amazing eh?