Monday, August 13, 2007

Delayed post

Yeah, so after going through almost all the entries on Mallika's blog in google reader, I decided to leave a comment on one of her posts the discussion on which intrigued me. And she was kind enough to click on my url, and visit my lil blog. She even left a comment, but her blogger profile doesn't have link to her blog which is and I couldn't hyperlink it while I was posting using safari, so I decided to wait, and compose it in firefox when I can. So now that I'm done with my assignment that was due for tomorrow, I have the time to finish what I started.

Yesterday, I had made some mint chutney. I am not sure whether I mentioned this last time, but I remembered the ingredients as I had seen mom make it when I was back in India so I thought I would just wing it, but at the last moment, I happened to talk to mom on skype, so I just made sure whether my mom put onions in it or not. And that's how I saved it from being screwed up. This time was even better. little spicier, less minty and I had more of it in quantity too. I guess that was because of good quality cilantro. Last time I shopped at the ghetto store 'no frills' and by the time I got around to making it, a lot of coriander had gone bad. This time, I had bought it from the real Canadian superstore, and it was still fresh and smelled really good.

Then I decided to make bhurji for lunch. I guess most of you will notice that I didn't use any garam masala. But that's okay, I really wanted the kind that I used to eat in Pune, with just salt and pepper. I added some oil in a pan, cooked tomatoes and onions for a while, and then added the egg yolk into it. Sprinkled generous amount of salt and pepper(yeah, I love salt!) and minutes later, I was eating bhurji with bread and aam ka achaar. (Thanks mallika for the tip). Awesome! A perfect Meal. Definitely satisfied my hungry stomach and longing taste buds. I was really happy with what I just did. Then today, I get to my computer and read the comment from mallika, and I feel more determined to try and COOK food for myself. I also talked to vironica in the evening, and told her what I cooked, and she as always, took interest in it, and I felt really good.


  1. Cool. Next time post some pics of your chutney and bhurji. :)

  2. Oh yeah, I will ask vironica to be taking some pics when I'm cooking something. That'd be great.