Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sheridan college orientation

A new year of college is upon me. Tomorrow is the orientation for the international students at the Trafalgar campus residence at 8:30 am. I know I should get as much rest as possible because after the early morning orientation, I have to help out mickey with moving his stuff. I tried going to bed early but I couldn't sleep. And hence I'm here typing another blog entry, sitting on my bed in the dark, taking full benefit of my backlit keyboard.

I had dosas again for dinner today, and they were just as amazing as the last time. I think I could make this my staple diet here now. Its just that I haven't been grocery shopping in a while and I didn't want to eat the leftover bland pasta that I made yesterday. You should know how heavy dosas can be... and I would imagine going to bed on a full stomach must be easy, but right now, I don't know what's up. I guess I should have gone and taken a walk like the other night, but now I don't want to venture out.

I missed my orientation last year, and besides wanting to make up for that, I can't wait to go meet new people. I still remember how apprehensive and introvert I was on the first day of class in January. I definitely don't want to be the same kind of guy this time round. There is a chance that a lot of ppl I get to meet tomorrow are new, and they don't know the place or a lot of people here, so I feel it will be really nice to help them figure things out. Because in visual and creative arts, everybody will be a returning student from art fundies, and they'd already have their friend circle and will not be as open to making new friends I suppose. Dammit, I need to stop being so negative!

So just be confident yash, don't worry, drink more water to see if it helps u get some sleep, and have a awesome orientation.


  1. Good luck with the orientation. I did chamomile tea to sleep at night and it really works.

  2. ooh ooh! I'm absolutely so excited to post my next entry! And, I know you're gonna want to read that!