Sunday, September 02, 2007

Be the butterfly! ;)

This morning, Sujata surprises me by saying that she read my blog, and actually liked it. She said she was really happy I was giving my life the fullest and she wished the best for my days to come. I rarely have such stuff happen to me, and let's be honest, who doesn't like to be congratulated and complimented? So I assured HER I was gonna do the follow up of the 'pre-orientation' post. And here it is!

I was having this conversation with abhinav yesterday when he was telling me about how he felt when he talked to pranav. I have been always telling him to go and approach him, don't be so shy and quiet, go to a movie together or something. But he only, if at all, approached Pranav for telling him something I wanted to convey to him and even then, kept it really short and simple! But this time, when he actually talked to him, he said it was really nice and he'd like to hang out with him. I do have a doubt whether this was just a backlash of another bad experience he'd had, and if so, he needs to think about it harder. I mean everyone is different. Just because I'm good friends with pranav and abhinav doesn't mean both of them should get along well. (Yeah, I've learnt that from experience) And he needs to think about whether HE really likes him as a friend.

But at the time, those words of his actually stirred a different thought process in my mind... I was encouraging Abhinav to keep doing that more. I was telling him about what I'd just been through... and I must warn you, it DOES sound extremely cheesy. I told him that after the college ended, I was really lonely at home. (Untill mickey came over, then I couldn't get any personal space and 'ME' time! ) But no, I really wanted to go back to college and meet the people from my class. Even though I might not necessarily speak much, I enjoyed listening to their conversation and they were a very funny bunch. Made me laugh a lot. But now, I was in a cocoon for so long, isolated from the rest of the people. Then, when I realized the orientation is upon us, I was really excited to go out and meet new people and make more friends! So after the motivation and encouragement from yash himself, I was like a butterfly (for lack of a more cheesier sounding word) on the 30th. I got to the orientation, greeted everyone I faced, I sat down boldly (yeah that was like the boldest move for me in a LONG TIME!) in front of two other girls, Taruna-from bangalore, India and sisiry(or something I can't spell) from singapore; Introduced myself, started talking to them, believe it or not, I actually had a CONVERSATION!

I was not subdued and reserved, I made my presense felt. Spoke up loudly, answered questions, made a funny comment or two. And since this was not a class, no one would see me as trying to be a "teacher's pet" by trying to get all the right answers. I was not looking like an attention hog either, as there were soon speakers who were simply addressing the kids and not quizzing. And after the address was done, we were walking away to a different room, and I still stuck around, rather they still stuck around me, and didn't go "Now's the chance let's give him the slip!" And then as we were walking out, along came oliver and said
"so, you're from India eh?" -

I was noticed!-I'm not invisible!-This day couldn't possibly get any better!

- "I love Indian food!"

Then its like a blur... but we got talking about where he's from, what program he's in and stuff.... oh yeah, I also introduced him to the girls too... or did I?

"Anyways, so the moral of the story is, Abhinav, that you need to be a 'butterfly'...."

Yeah, yeah, Laugh it up!


  1. Hehe. I'm still a caterpillar. Will take time. Pranav seems to be a nice guy.

    A little more happened today about that Vaaibhav Bante.

  2. Well, I am sure there is going to be one day, when something just triggers in you, and you will not be the same person any more. you will become a butterfly. just gotta keep trying. one step at a time.