Thursday, September 27, 2007

Do Not Eat!

Thursday,...(I guess) I finally gave in and bought two books from the sale at the 'animation and illustration road show' at the connection. One is 50 fantasy vehicles to draw and paint by Keith Thompson, and the other one is called 'Start your engines' by Scott Robertson. I have idolized him ever since I saw his dvds on drawing cars and aeroplanes and hovercrafts. I saw his book there on day one, and immediately fell in love with it! But when I brought those home, and saw that the same books were much cheaper on, I started feeling really dumb. Even ripped off. So I decided to try and return that book which I could buy from chapters, and I ended up getting David Coleman's autographed book "The art of animal character design" I did have to pay the difference, because this was an autographed book and more expensive, but its totally worth it!

Friday was my life drawing and digital media lab classes, and for the first time since this sem, I felt really satisfied with what I came up with in the life drawing class. You see, the thing is, Kerry kim is an illustration teacher. He expects us to do drawings with shading whereas for animation, what is more important is that I understand the structure and have good line quality. I just get frustrated trying to battle with the way we're supposed to draw at the workshop, and seeing everybody around me make pretty shaded drawings. But that day, I guess I was just really focussed or in-tune for some reason. I guess being successful at all those exercises we did earlier gave me some confidence. I can't wait to see what mark I get on that. The digital media lab was boring as usual. I know most of the things they are teaching there. So I got to help some other students out. And I hope people know how much I love helping others out!

Yesterday was really eventful...even though I didn't end up spending the whole night in toronto at Nuit Blanche, I was actually happy that I got all the rest that I did. The whole day at the workshop, we had mike because vince and gerard both were out at some event. I showed him my character designs and it was nice to have his input too. The idea that mike had, gave a totally new direction to the character design. I showed them to many people, but different people find diferent ones more appealing and that is making it even more difficult to decide on one character design for my portfolio. I'm just thinking I should get around to making rotation sheets for all the designs and then just close my eyes and pick one. Nah, too much work! :P LOL

And finally, tonight, I ended up making chicken curry! I didn't have a tomato, so I used tomato puree, and I also kinda burnt it, because my ingredients weren't ready. Those included, chicken that had gone bad, and yoghurt that had mould inside its container wall. But I didn't see the mould until I had poured the thing in, and I didn't realize the chicken was gone bad until I actually tasted it. Then basically, I had to throw the whole thing out. But before I did that, I was watching back to back episodes of CSI and I had to put up a note warning people, "Do Not Eat" next to the pot....just in case someone decided to come into the kitchen and taste what I was cooking. And I believe I also managed to stink up the kitchen in the mean time. I didn't even end up cleaning it. But There's a lesson to be learnt here. Something that I have come to realize earlier on several different occasions too.

I must not get too much food, or get food that I won't be cooking/finishing up anytime soon, because even stuff in the fridge goes bad! Yeah, it sucks! I've had mould in the yoghurt, tomato puree, garlic, bread(obviously) But I am really gonna make this stop now! When I go shopping, I'll first make a menu of the food I'm gonna prepare and consume in the next 7 days and get only that! Yeah right! (sarcasm) I wish I could just live off of snacks. they never go bad. Why can't they make everything like Lays chips? That I can keep them in my cupboard or under my bed and forget about it until I want to eat it? 'Super long lasting chicken' is that too much to ask for?

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