Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Time well wasted

(I know mickey is gonna have a smug smile on his face when he reads this post.) Boy it was an eventful day! I was up at 7 in the morning, waiting for pranav to come online. I was also hoping for someone from my house to come online. Because I was desperate to find the pictures of me and pranav in front of inox in pune. Last night, I talked to pranav, and he said he couldn't find those on his computer. We talked about when those pictures were taken and did I actually have time to transfer them from the camera to the computer. Pranav mentioned that last movie was on 5th january, the day when I left for Mumbai. I started laughing when I heard that. It just sounds totally insane for someone to go to a movie the day he's supposed to fly away, for the first time, to another country for a really long time. But pranav was persistent.

"You're laughing, but you did that."

"Yeah, I know! And it sounds so crazy!"

"Well, you were!"

"yeah... I was stupid.... but no, even today, I would do anything for one chance to see you; to go watch one movie with you."

And when he finally showed up online, at about 9:30 am, the internet cafe he was at, kept having power fluctuations which led to him getting disconnected over and over again! But first thing he said when he saw me, probably because I wasn't wearing a shirt, was that it seems you have started working a lot, you look skinnier

"Kuch jyaada kaam kar raha hai lagta hai, Patla ho gaya"

"Nahi yaar" "No dude"

"Sookh gaya hai yaar!" "You've shriveled up!"

I didn't have breakfast, that's all I guess. Neeche jaake kuch banana bahut jaan pe aa raha hai." ... "Tu bata teri haalat kaisi hai? Pretty sure not better than mine!" "I'm feeling too lazy to go downstairs and actually cook something.... tell me, how's your health?"

"Nahi yaar, aajkal waise bhi maine kaam kam karna shuru kiya hai. Aaram bahut jyaada karta hu." "No bud, I've started working less. I take more rest."

Well, that can be good AND bad..."
But what was actually going on in my head was that "this is REALLY good!" Because I knew he wasn't they type to slack off, even if he's working fewer hours, he'll finish all the assignments and homework and do his activities. He's not going to be obsessive compulsive about things anymore - the one thing that was driving him into bad health all along.

Then during was one pretty long gap when he was offline, I was thinking of getting breakfast and getting ready to go to college to meet up with oliver. And I would have left the computer and gone about doing my business, had sujata not come online. I was talking to suju about pranav, asked her to sms pranav and find out what the situation was, and she said He's still at the cafe. She was pretty pissed she had to me the mediator between us two, or maybe she was just acting up. But regardless, it was pretty hilarious! I like her being like that. But she had to go, so I wished her adieu and goodnight. And waited for pranav.

Later, when he showed up at 11 am, we got to talk for pretty long without any disruption. I showed him my character designs, and he gave me ANOTHER pointer, and I'm gonna go and try doing it that way. He uploaded his artwork, and I gotta tell you, Its some pretty neat stuff! I was thinking, he should be here instead of me. I would have shown it to you guys, but sharing it on a website/blog is not supported from deviantart because he put it into the scrap category. I tried telling him those were pretty good and that he should put it in his gallery, but he didn't do it. I also told him about my deviantwear order. I told him to enable the magnet and puzzle and stuff options when he is submitting his artwork as print in deviantart. I do that all the time for my works. Prints on paper is something anyone can do at their homes. But magnets and puzzles, mugs and that kinda stuff is something that is pretty difficult.

And, I also talked to oliver. I talked to him last night too... I think... well, chatted, kinda... In the last few days, he's always been busy with something or heading off somewhere. I just can't get a hold of him! I thought today's International Student's association meeting (ISA in short) would be a pretty good opportunity, but he slept in I guess. (I wouldn't be surprised if he said he was still taking his nap!) There were only 8 people at the meeting. But I guess it was good, I got to know everybody's names, (even though I don't necessarily remember them all now) and found out what events they're gonna be doing! Now I can't wait for diwali!

The English class was pretty fun too! Sitting right in front of me, before the class started, this dude and a chick were having a discussion about whether its easier for a guy to ask a girl out or for a girl to ask a guy out. And he turned around to us to ask the question:

"hey guys, listen to this - what do you think its easier 'for a guy to ask a girl out' or 'for a girl to ask a guy out'?"

We all unanimously said "for a guy to ask a girl out!"

Pretty obvious eh? But the girl was obviously unsatisfied with this "No way, No! Nah!"

And I immediately remembered this lecture of a guy called david deAngelo. When mickey was living here, he had made me watch this video. He would literally sit next to me and watch me watch it! And I said out :

"Well, its true. Women are genetically programmed to be more selective than men. Its biologically inscribed into us. Women make one egg a month or something, and men produce millions of sperm each day! Its even seen in the animal kingdom. In Every species its the males that fight for the female!"

And all this while, others were laughing, wow-ing, hooting, cheering. It was a riot! It felt great! The dude was like :
"He merged this with National Geographic!"

"This guy is my hero!"

"you're hilarious!"

Well, maybe some part of it is a little fabricated... but only to show you the impact of what I said. Now if you don't realize how EPIC this was, then I guess I have failed myself; that my writing sucks. But I don't care because finally, the problem was solved, by yours truly. And I was thinking, "well, so I didn't really waste those 3 or four hours of my life after all!" (Yeah mickey, this is where you smile smugly!)

Did I mention my neice minni found the photo we were talking about in the DECEMBER category of picasa on the old home computer in akola? Here it is!
Did I mention we watched? It was Happy Feet...as far as I can remember... Pranav, if you prove me wrong on this one...

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