Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sushi anyone?

Tonight, I had another weird dream! I am gonna be leaving for my workshop soon so I'll just tell ya guys the dream real quick.

I was in a, I want to saay 'oriental' restaurant, eating some really weird things. But not weird as in gross or disgusting. I liked everything I was eating. Just that I don't know what they were. No, not sushi. The whole dining table was full of other delicasies. So, I like the food so much, that I want to compliment the chef...or something like that.

Then this really beautiful girl comes and stands next to me, turns out she's the chef! I am mesmerised! I kinda tell her to make something even more 'special' for me now. And suddenly, its like the camera pans around my dining table, and I find out that the cooking station is right behind me. Like it is usually in many japanese restaurants.

They're called open kitchen restaurants. you can see the chef making what you ordered. I've never been to one for real, only seen them on tv. I suppose they are really expensive..? I'm getting kinda sidetracked here. okay, getting back to the dream!

And then, the thing starts transforming from a very professional restaurant kitchen to a home kitchen! What!!!! Now she's in my house cooking for me? Could this really happen? I wonder what it means. (I know what the dream means, I'm not an idiot. I found a girl at a restaurant, she's a chef, I got together with her! Yeah! 'married her'; if you want.) But is this a sign saying that I should look out for a girl who can really cook? or does this just mean I should go to a japanese restaurant tonight? what do you think?

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  1. Japanese chef? Cute. Maybe you should go to a Japanese restaurant. ^^

    Cool dream btw.