Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

Happy halloween everyone! Yeah! Its kushal's birthday again! If you don't know what halloween is, lemme explain. Many years ago, on 31st october, a demon child named tonu a.k.a. kushal was born. And the people were so terrified of him, that to this day, people dress up in scary costumes to in remembrance of that unholy day. That's halloween in a nutshell.

So, I got myself a nice costume last night. Its a mask that bleeds and just a black robe like the one from the villain of scream or scary movie. I was first thinking I'd go dressed as some indian god, nick suggested ganesh. He said he even had a elephant trunk and ears...but not here today; Back at his home in london. So that was scrapped. I figured I'd like to go as avatar ang. The last airbender. But his costume would be little complex. Plus, this one was a really nice deal. Now I'm planning to wear that and go trick or treating tonight. I hope I get lots and lots of candy! Then I won't have to buy groceries for another week!

Actually, I did buy groceries last night, and I had a proper breakfast after a really long time! cereal and milk. Yum. And for lunch, I had chicken curry and rice that sandeep's uncle made. it was amazing! even while I was outside decorating the front of the house for halloween, I could smell it and I was getting hungrier by the second! Well, now that I'm satisfied, I feel like taking a nap before I go trick or treating!

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