Sunday, October 21, 2007

The what-who-where?

Big Announcement: I'm going camping tomorrow! And won't be back till wednesday. So I figure this is the right time for an update.

Yesterday, I left for the workshop in a hurry. Vironica bought me a coffee from tim hortons and a muffin(yum) And then I got on the train. And after sitting there calmly sipping my hot coffee for a few minutes, my heart starts pounding really hard. RELAX! I'm not having a heart attack. It was the horror of realising that I didn't bring my wallet with me today! I was constantly thinking what I'm gonna do to get to St. Claire west. I remembered that just before leaving, I had put some change that was lying on the table, in my pocket. But that was just a dollar and 6 cents. If I had cellphone service, I could have called up someone from the workshop to ask if they could come get me. But I had surrendered my cellphone a long time ago.

So when I got to the subway station, I was ready. I was prepared. I had been mentally practicing a dialogue that I would say to the people and then they would either help me out or I'd just go ask the next person. But once I was down there, it was like I had come to some other dimension. Everyone seemed just so far away. So unapproachable. It was like everyone is going in super fast forward and I'm in slow motion. But I got over my hesitation. I saw a guy fumbling with a lot of coins. I went over and told him I lost my wallet and I needed to get to st claire west. He gave me about 15 cents and just walked away. I stood there, looking around..."what now?!" I saw a kid about 15 I'd say. I asked him if he could help me out with the rest of the money. I now needed 1.55 He had wrappers/packs of coins in his jacket pocket. He said this was going to take some time. He opened 'em up and gave me the rest of the money. YAY! I thanked him over and over again. Even when we got down in the station. He was going to eglington west. (Yeah,he said his name is michael.) We travelled in the same compartment, and I just said 'have a nice day' right before I departed at st claire west.

I told about it to gerard and he asked "did you get the guy's address?" I said "no, I didn't" He said that he'd have gotten down his address and mailed him back the money. Oh I would have loved to do that. And it would have been really great. But what if after taking his address down, I never got around to sending him money? I'm not saying I'm not gonna want to send him money just what if I loose his address or the postal department refuses to deliver coins... or just the letter gets misplaced or lost. He would be really disappointed then and be like "he lied. He was never going to send me the money I should have known it!" So I just think I did the appropriate thing. Let me know if you think otherwise.

Then today, I found out its dussera, so I talked to a couple people, wished them happy dussera. And wishing to you guys too. *_* Suju was online, I talked to her for a really long time. What was really interesting was that she brought up a little sms I had sent her way back in october last year.


Yes that's all I sent her. You're going 'what?!!' AHEM! let me explain. There's a really funny story behind it that suju told me, as I had forgotten. And just to show how much I really appreciate that, and how much I enjoyed nostalgiating over it, I'm gonna make the whole blog post about our text messages and the memories from the days in India. I had already done a couple blog posts about smses in the past. So what will make this one more interesting is if I don't look into any of those or my cellphone message history, and just try and recall bits and pieces of sentiness and funniness.

Well, first this one that suju reminded me about. We(me and sumit) were in college, and sujata, the lzy bum, was staying at home. And we really wanted her to come. (Our days were incomplete without bugging sujata to death) So we started texting her, asking her to come to college. But when she refused, we tried the most common persuasive technique in the old book: threatening to carry out a life threatening, (FATAL) act of violence on oneself and not expecting to survive. But she wasn't the kind who'd relent. (think suicide bomber from al quaeida) So she said "alright, go ahead!" And then we smsed her back, alright, see you in heaven. And she, not taking us even a little seriously, said "theek hai. wahan mil ke bhoot bhoot khelenge.(oki.we'll get together and play 'ghost')"

And finally, I sent her 'boo!'

Moving on.... I had this habit of sometimes forwarding the message to many people at a time. Sometimes it was intentional, like talking about a prank I was gonna play on someone and sending it to the 'subject' him/her-self. Just as an experiment to see if they still play along or call my bluff immediately. But this one time, I sent a message about sahil to pranav's phone.
The back story:
Sahil had just gotten a cheap sms plan and was spamming messages to everyone. Including myself. Now when I recieve this friendship full, friendly, loving, etc. etc. sms from sahil after Ages, I think he's upto something. So My habit was reporting everything that's going on to my friends. Like keep a constant conversation going. So I sent pranav the following

"Sahil just sent me a unusually friendly sms. Something's up. He wants something from me."

And the next thing I know, I get a text from sahil again that read "If you don't want to recieve my smses, then tell me! why are you 'gossiping' to pranav about it?"

I just went huh what? Did I just accidentally also forward this to sahil? Oh how dumb could I be!!! Later when I talked to pranav, he said that sahil had his cellphone. And he read pranav's smses. Damn! Oh well...

By now, I'm dying to go through the REALLY REALLY old smses that I had sent and recieved. But I'm finding a way to control myself. Plus, I don't even have the really really old text messages. Like the ones I sent and recieved during the first month of college. Oh hey! I just remembered another one!

This was at the beginning of the class decoration contest. I had pranav's number by now, and we were communicating frequently enough. And in class, when we met the other girls and talked to them for the first time, he took down everyone's numbers to keep in touch with regarding the class decoration progress. Then that day, back home, me and pranav were talking about the ideas that everyone had put forward and which ones we could go ahead with. I think it was one of shruti's ideas that I wanted to talk about, but I didn't remember her name. I was (and perhaps still am) really terrible at remembering people's names I've just met. So I text pranav.

"the girl...whatever her name is... was talking about...."

LOL you catch my drift?

And the sms didn't end there. Pranav had to bring that up in class in front of shruti! Oh man that was embarassing. But really really funny now that I look back on it. aaaahhhh good days. good days.

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