Thursday, October 25, 2007

Numero uno. First day of camping

I have finally caught up with the world, had my rest, and have enough time to type up a new blog entry! I had news to catch up with, emails to read, discussions to reply to and funny videos to watch. Well, the last part wasn't entirely necessary, but made my time more enjoyable. ;)

My arms and legs are acing really bad. I guess three days was just the right time for us to be there. And as soon as the next day rolled around, my body started showing signs of fatigue. I haven't been moving much past couple of hours. Its almost as if I have had a little paralysis. But it is all worth it. That's how much fun it was. The first day we were there, we just put up our tents, the tarp, and made a fire. We had hamburgers for dinner, and we sat around the fire talking. we were nicely joking and laughing when this guy came and told us to keep it down. What a bummer! Even the park ranger came and talked to us, gave us the bullshit bout there being an older clintele around the park these days and we would be first given a warning and then kicked out if they complained about the noise levels again. Although that didn't stop us from having fun, we could have done without those restrictions and would have totally loved to freak out.

Chris ali the student union president, told us about one of his own camping story when the person on the other side kept complaining about them even though they weren't doing anything wrong. And in the end, as you'd expect, chris and his friends were asked to leave. And just before leaving, he went up to this gy who kept complaining and said

"you didn't want us here in the first place did you?"

"If you didn't do anything wrong already, you were gonna do something sooner or later!"

"I'm sure you've done some crazy shit when you were younger, and that's why you expect us to be like that. But you know what? we're better than that. We're more responsible than you ever were."

And that story was really inspiring. I'm not sure its true, but I believe it could happen.

We were talking what this could have been about, (the complaining) and guessed it was probably because of the language and words we used in our jokes. The husband was probably laughing his ass off, And the wife was the one who's like "that's inappropriate!" smacks him in the head and says "do something about it." LOL. gotta love nothing fights. hehe.

In case you didn't get it, its a reference to one of the jokes dane cook makes in his cd retaliation which we listened to on our way to the pinery. We had a dvd player in the rental van, so we were like "we'll watch a movie!" but since no one had a dvd, we just listened to dane cook. He's a silly bastard! Oh I gotta download more of his stuff.

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