Monday, October 29, 2007

Yay! for external hard drive

I finally talked to dad, and told him about the refund and that I was buying an external hard drive for backup purposes. He didn't really object to it... much. So now I want to post a kind of review/my experiences with the hard drive post.

I first decided to mount the harddrive on its stand and use it vertically. I slid in the stand, and tightened it using the hex key that was provided with it. First thing I notice as it starts running is that there is a loud resonating hum. I grab the hard drive with my hands, and it minimizes. I figure I didn't tighten the hex screw tight enough. So I stop it, and turn it upside down, tighten it, and start it up again! Not very noisy at all! My cd drive makes more noise than that!

But then comes the backing up. I decide to try and use the backing up utility provided in the package to completely copy my home folder. some 54 gigs of information! And as I let it run, I now notice the clicking noise that the hard drive head makes as its fetching and writing data. Damn! this thing is REALLY annoyingly loud! So I decide to make a youtube video about it. But the youtube video doesn't gather much views maybe because of bad tagging...

But nevermind that, next thing on my mind was to try and run it horizontally and see if the clicking noise of the drive head minimizes. I stick the rubber pegs that came with the hard drive onto the side of the enclosure. and lay it on the table. I start it up, and even when I'm not really doing anything with the data on the hard drive, the clicking noise is distractingly audible. So I guess I'll just put it back on its stand and DEAL WITH IT!

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