Friday, October 19, 2007

Where art thou mine enthusiasm

Yeah, its been a while. I was spending my days in peace and happiness over the last 8 days. Enjoying and frolicking away since my previous post, but eventually, I broke down. I came running back to my abode and I admit I need help.

Last night, even though I had finally paid off the debt, gave the 700 dollars to vironica, and given 210 dollars to oliver to get me an external hard drive, I was mulling over something. But I don't know what. I don't believe there was something to mull over! I had been living with the guilt of loosing her bike for so long, and now I had made it up to her. She was going to go buy the new bike sometime soon. And if the weather permits, maybe I could take it out for a ride too. Plus, real soon, I was going to get the firewire 800 harddrive I had been lusting over for so long! Oliver is going to buy it in new yourk and bring it back here during the reading week.

Also, Leopard is going to come out on 26th and I will start using time machine and everything. I will first backup all my data on one partition on the external drive, then format my laptop, and install leopard on a clean slate! then keep my itunes library on the external drive and keep the laptop hard drive free for my applications. Its gonna be really sweet indeed! But even thinking about all that is not cheering me up. I'm just so LOST. I finished my stupid chicken nuggets dinner but was still lingering around flipping channels. Decided I've had enough, walked to the phone.

Looked at the time in my watch, and dialed pranav's number. I figured he'd either be sleeping or getting ready to go to college. The phone rang for quite some time, I realized he must be on his bike, heading to college. And indeed he was. I said I'd call him back some other time. I wasn't disappointed. Infact, just listening to his voice made me smile. I was feeling better for a while now. But I still wanted to talk to someone. I went upstairs and went online, but no one else was there. I waited for some time, then went to bed.

The morning was just as rushed as usual. 8 am class. I was late again! We did get our drawings from the class back, FINALLY! But we didn't get the self portrait assignments back! Oh How I wish I just got it back already! Another disappointment. Nothing I'd really like to say about the digital media lab class either! I was really hungry but I didn't bring my wallet today. So I just had to hold my hunger till I was back home.

I walked home and had a banana and some other snack. Vironica was to leave for philip's place in a while. She asked if I wanted to come. I guess she figured I needed some fresh air or a change of environment. But I said I'll pass. This is just not my day is it? And I've been sitting here since. Just pushing myself to finish this entry, let it all out. But I don't think its helping. I guess I'll just take a nap now.

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