Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oliver's birthday

Oh, lets talk about last night first! Everything went according to plan, and even things that weren't planned went superbly. Met up with Oliver in front of second cup, Taruna showed up with the cake and wrapped present! We decided to cut the cake now, and hold off on the present till later. It wasn't a cheesecake like I was expecting, but it was delicious nevertheless. Got our hands all dirty gobbling up the cake! I tried taking picture with taruna's cellphone, but the light was very insufficient for the small sensor. Its times like these that I wish I had a digital SLR. See? I let my mind run free, and my paragraph meanders through the thoughts in my head. Very unlike the method we were told to follow for 'essays' in our english class.

The dinner was totally amazing! I'd never been to bombay bhel before. They had chats and pani puri on the menu, but we decided we'd have that at my place later. We decided to order chana masala, butter chicken and bhatura. The chicken was sooo tender, and the chana masala was not too hot, not very mild, but just right! It was fun watching oliver eat, he was like a little kid. He still hadn't worked out how to use his fingers to eat. LOL. We had long conversation as I, the slowest eater, tried to finish my food, waaay after everybody else was done. Then we decided to give oliver his present. I think he liked it. He was flipping through it very pensively, taking his own time. Taruna on the other hand was kinda bored I think.. hehe. I even saw that book on the desk in the pit where he was working today, so I think he's really referring to it.

After dinner, we came to my house, pani puri was out of the question as everyone was really stuffed! We sat up in my room, I showed them pictures of my friends, the caricatures I'd done, my books, AND my glow-in-the-dark bedsheet! hehe. Oliver was getting really sleepy, and I knew I should let them go or else he might doze off on the wheel and... Oh well. They left in time, and I went to bed pretty soon too. A full tummy really makes you very sleepy because your digestive system is taking in more blood now and the supply of oxygen to ur brain is reduced. Wow! what a perfectly boring scientific end to a delicious food related entry. haha!


  1. Oh Wow! It was Oliver's Birthday!!?? Darn! I wanted to say happy b-day to him! Of course, I'm always wishin' my interns the very best =) Yo! You guys need to come over to my place one day! See you at school bud!

  2. Ha HAH! hey! so nice to see your comment here. I will see you in sheridan for sure.

  3. i sooo wasnt bored! lol!!..maybe a little!:P

  4. @tarun : hehe,its your fault. you should have said something. you snap oliver out of his trance.