Friday, November 02, 2007

What's up with you P?

This morning was pretty unusual. First, I actually get out of the house early for my 8 o clock class and two, there was a sheet of white frost all over the grass! It didn't snow last night for sure! I guess it was just so cold and windy that the condensation on the grass blades and rooftops turned to snow. It looks pretty cool! 

I actually got to class early, and we ended up watching a long, boring, dumb video about the artist who wrote the book "I leonardo". We were supposed to be learning something about perspective from this!? We didn't have a model this week, instead, there were random objects. This part of drawing is just meant to compensate for the lack of a real technical drawing class. a.k.a. Imaging systems (or drawing systems as it is now called) The video mentions perspective for barely 2 minutes! As it wasn't already hard enough to stay awake! Damn! We weren't even drawing volumetrically, drawing in a structural manner.. we were just meant to shade and render the drawing. Useless!

Well, actually, that's not what I'm really pissed about. I was just ranting up to my main argument. Kerry kim is a little lazy. Even though he's one of the better teachers in my opinion, he's just kinda lazy when it comes to checking, marking grading stuff. The first drawings from him, we got back just before the reading week. That makes 6 weeks turnaround for the drawings we did in week 1. That's unacceptable. We deserve to know immediately where we stand, what kind of marks we are getting and what we need to work on. Like today, the assignment that he'd assigned to us a good couple weeks ago, was due at the beginning of class, but he was just like.. "aah, take another week. I'll collect them next friday." And when do you expect to mark them and give em back to us then? Next year?
Well, after my digital media lab class, there was only me and natalie and dan in the room, and as natalie came over to see my map, I showed her my halloween pictures. We had a nice conversation about halloween (this being my first year and everything, you know...) And she told me she knew a indian friend who got into animation. Whoa! Yeah, that's really big news. I would love to have more people from my side of the world in the program I'm studying in. It would be splendid. We could then room up together and... you know... do the regular stuff foreign students from india would do... celebrate the festivals from india, the national holidays and everything. Also, we talked about one other professor that I totally despise. He reminds me of vivek sir from creative i college. Although she doesn't share the same opinion of him as I, she did get one thing absolutely right- he's very blunt!

Now when I'm reminded of vivek sir, I'm bound to start missing pranav eh? LOL, bad bad thing to say, I know. But I was only joking. I was just walking back, and I felt like I REALLY should call him up. I had been feeling like talking to him on and off for a few days now, but I never got around to actually dialing because either I'd be busy or he'd be. Busy sleeping or working that is. But today, I was like, "fuck the time difference. Lets just talk." So I called him up and said

"I will kill you. I will seriously kill you for waking me up at this time! - is what you're saying right now"


I talked to him for a really long time today, and I was VERY VERY happy to have some real conversation with a friend. (oliver has gone and disappeared into a whole nother dimension) But then I asked how's his family, and the beans started spilling out.

"they're pretty worried about/because of me." 


"I've not been doing so well... "

And he went on to explain about his problem with the synovial fluid in his wrists is depleting leaving a depression in the skin around his wrist joint. And he's gonna have to stop working for a while and do some special exercises and ofcourse, improve his diet and probably take some medications too. I was totally speechless. This was so beyond anything I had ever thought/imagined. I always believed in 'prevention is better than cure', better be safe than sorry' and such. I feel so bad about letting this happen to him. If only I had talked to him earlier, I could have found out about this at a time when I could have done something to make him stop 'screwing' himself up.

I google searched the symptoms and I found pages listing carpel tunnel syndrome and some other ones I'd never even heard of. Got to read some words I don't even know the meaning of - endoprosthesis...what?!!! I just hope he is not in danger of any of this, and his condition just heals as fast as he finishes his meals. All the best pranav, and hope you get well soon.


  1. Poor Pranav. Hope he gets well soon.

  2. hey, i just want to let u know, i really appreciate your gesture.