Sunday, November 25, 2007

Remembering Old friends

As I was returning from the workshop, I realized the train was unusually crowded today. I remembered even Nick was talking about it the other day, he said he didn't even find a seat! And my mind wandered off ... FLASHBACK!

When I was in Mumbai, I was really sick on my birthday. But I went to my classes still. And there, in just about 6 days, I had befriended naveen a.k.a Alaric. We were returning back to andheri station from the workshop, and the bus, as always, was really crowded. Both of us couldn't find a place to sit, and that didn't seem like a problem, it was very commonplace. But a few minutes into the ride, I started feeling REALLY weak. I thought I'd try and squeeze onto a seat. But naveen noticed it, and asked a guy to let me sit because I'm sick. And I got a seat. It was a really nice thing to do. For both of them. And I decided I'd call up naveen when I get back home.

I hoped he still has the same number and dialed. It started ringing, I kept hoping its th right person. Immediately I realized that I had called him up at around 5:30 am in the morning! He would probably be sleeping and wouldn't talk much. Worse still, it could be a totally different person, and would get really pissed off! Just then, he picked up, and I got that familiar voice going 'hello'? First thing I said was

"sorry I didn't realize it's early in the morning there."

"Yash! kaisa hai man? How are you doing?"

I was shocked! I wasn't expecting him to realize it was me.. because the call routes through any random point, so he might be seeing a local number, or a random 4 digit number or 'private number' I mean, no possibility of his cellphone going "yash gupta calling". And him recognizing me by my voice was simply amazing! He did mention it had changed a little, but still...

Anyways, he said that he just dropped off a friend at the airport and was now heading back to his hostel, that's why he was up. But he was in the local train, so the connection wasn't stable. The call dropped a couple times, but I called him back. And we talked about almost everything. We could have easily gone for more, but I had to get back to dinner and he was walking back to his hostel by now.

I got down an email address that he's still using and I hope to keep in touch with him from now on. I also thought its been a while, I should call up rohin. But I had to finish the food vironica gave me, that was a weird mashed potato and eggplant thing, but it tasted yummy...except for the eggplant part. I hate brinjal. Those who don't know brinjal, go to wikipedia!

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