Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Happy diwali

Hi! I know diwali is still to come, tomorrow's dhanteras. But this post starts with the email naniji sent me wishing me "all the happiness and prosperous new year and diwali." She ALSO, asked me to not eat any meat in the next 5 days. I have had similar situations before too. In pune, taiji would tell us to not eat any chicken or eggs on particular days or particular times of the year. And even though arjun bhaiya kinda objected, we almost never ate any meat during those days. (note 'almost never'... I don't remember now, maybe we actually did go ahead and eat meat or eggs just because we had to be the 'rebels') 

So, no meat for 5 days here in canada... gonna be kinda difficult. Because whenever I get hungry in the college, I run to the caf and get a burger, or to the cage and get a slice of pizza. I am really gonna have to control my hunger now, or I could just prepare some food at home and take it along with me. I am even gonna have to give away the sliced deli meat I have for sandwiches... because I think it might go bad in the next 5 days. So I am totally welcoming suggestions for a vegetarian menu and recipes of the food I'd eat for the next 5 days. 

One thing's for sure tho, I want to make chole! I've had chickpeas for  while now, and I say I will get the recipe from my mom because I want to make it exactly like she made it, but its always so annoying talking to her when she goes blabbering on about the rest of the universe that has nothing to do with me! Topics that I have always hated hearing about. Like the 'Brindal' family. For those who don't know, that's what we called my dad's youngest brother's family. Anyways, I hope I can find a recipe somewhere online. Probably quickindiancooking.com has one. I will have to dig into the archives. 

Oh, and now I have more material! thanks to that annoying little kid nick. hehe. I offered him my chicken like I said I would, and he asks 

"since when do you celebrate indian festivals?" 

"Ever since I was born."

"So what about eating beef?"

"I thought we were talking about celebrating festivals. Eating beef is not a festival"

"No, but why can't you eat chicken?"

"Because of religion."

"I thought you weren't religious. So why do you celebrate festivals?"

"Because they're fun!"

"Not eating meat is fun?"

(Oh this guy is beginning to get to be a pain in the butt! Plus, I have to watch heroes!)

"No, eating meat is not part of the fun. We don't feast on dead turkeys or eggs. And someone asked me not to eat meat. so I won't. end of discussion."

And I got back to watching another awesome episode of heroes!


  1. haha the kid nick is real funny man .. kids .. hahahahah ROFL ..

    well if i was there na .. i would tell my parents that i wont have non-veg and go about my usual cuisine .. hehe .. my parents know this and so they stopped telling me to stop nv during some days ..

  2. yeah. he's an arrogant brat. but even though I could go on eating meat and noone would know, I think I can do it and its not a big deal.