Monday, November 26, 2007

Aloo Pyaaz ki sabzi

I decided to make aloo pyaaz ki sabzi for dinner last night. I had bought a couple potatoes and onions a couple days ago, and I figure I should finish them before they go bad. (Hate it when that happens and I have to throw away food!) I remembered from my last experience that potatoes will take a really long time to get tender on the pan, so I must boil them first. Or else the onion will end up getting burnt in the pan while the potatoes are still raw-ish.

I had still to figure out a perfect combination for boiling potatoes in the microwave. But last night, I just got perfect potatoes with the doneness set to about half way through. I was kind of over zealous I figure and so I put the oil in the frying pan and started heating it immediately, not realizing that the potatoes might take a while. I don't know how that affected things, but I've heard keeping on re-heating oil is not good. Or maybe that was re-boiling or letting it boil for too long. Regardless, I'm still alive and healthy, so I should just get over it. LOL. But when the potatoes were done boiling, I heated the oil up and put in the mustard seeds and cumin. 

I probably should have taken a wok or kadhai-like vessel, because the damn mustard seeds popped all over the stove top. Leaving a big mess for me to clean up! God! Then I put in the onions before my potatoes were ready to be thrown in, and by the time I peeled and diced and put in the boiled potatoes, they were kind of burnt. But still, the end result was decent. I think I might just start making that more often. Whoa! I had a really awesome dinner last night.

And when I have good dinner, I usually get very happy, over excited and do something foolish. Like giving away all the rest of it to sandeep! He absolutely loved it, despite there being no chilli powder in it. And that made me pretty happy for a while. But now I'm thinking I don't have any other good stuff to cook anymore! LOL. I guess I'll just get burger king or go hungry tonight. hehe. later days!

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