Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pika Pika Comes to sheridan!

Oh, I would have felt so bad if I missed this. Seriously! I have been a big fan of light painting ever since I first got my camera. I had seen their animation with light painting when I was in india, and wanted to do something like that or myself! Finally, tonight, I did! A few days ago, alan cook posted information about this in his blog, cooked art. I immediately marked the day and time in ical. I was also going to put it in google calendar so that I could be reminded of it anytime, but I didn't get around to doing it. I also didn't sync my phone with my computer!

So at 7, I walk to the college for life drawing session. And I'm there, drawing away for a few minutes, when suddenly, out of nowhere, I remember about the lighting doodle project, and that it was supposed to start on "a monday" at 7 pm in A360. This is very unusual, because I don't usually remember things. So I decided to go out and check google calendar on my cellphone. But I couldn't confirm it. So I just decided to walk up to the room and check it out, if its not today, I'll just walk back and finish my drawing.

But I was lucky enough to get there in time. They had a really sweet setup! A video camera and a DSLR pointing to the people who are drawing. Both hooked up to the computer, the projector playing the live feed from the video camera on the screen. And the SLR being controlled by the software on the laptop. The people could see their place and where and how they are drawing on the screen, and right after the DSLR takes the shot, its shown on the screen so they can see it turned out. It was a really quick and excellent setup! The only glitch was that the DSLR lens was a wider angle than the video camera. 

There was also a live hookup with osaka japan using ichat on a ibook! They hooked up a camera which was showing them our side, and we saw what they were doing in japan. It was really sweet! Those guys were definitely more organized than us. Our side was just a room overfilled with people, and everyone was invading each other's space. Still, some cool animation came out of it. I wish they'd put it up on their blog or youtube soon so that I could show it to you. I was the spiral in one, and in the other one, I did a balloon flying up, and then it pops and falls down. I think that one was REALLY sweet. 

I really want to stop now, because the description without the images or video doesn't make much sense. But I was really excited about this. I even got an autographed dvd of theirs! Cool eh? later blog dogs!

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