Thursday, November 22, 2007

First Snowfall of the season

Oh! It finally snowed today! Winter is officially here. A typical canadian winter. Bring out your toques, mittens and snow boots! Its the smart thing to do! But I couldn't find my winter cap when I was supposed to leave for college! My dear adidas clima-warm cap that I bought last year. It served me a good 11 months, and now I think I've lost it. I might have left it in the college on monday or the workshop on saturday.  So I just went to college without a winter cap on. As soon as the wind started blowing in my face, and all the snowflakes started hitting me, I started thinking about the last winter and wondering how did I ever survive this weather!

I didn't stay for the whole of typography class. Its such a pain in the ass. I just waited till I got to ask him some questions I had in mind, and left. We also got briefed about the next assignment, which could be a typographic storyboard or a poster on the history of typography. Needless to say, I decided to do the storyboard. I got back home, fired up flash, and started making my animation based on the thumbnails that I had drawn in class. I will then print those frames out and trace over each of them on the bond paper. But for next week, I have to have the current assignment finished! Darn!

I went to shopping with vironica, And bought more okra. Vironica had been bugging me about winter boots and even I noticed that my toes were kind of wet and cold. So I said "what the heck" and decided to go to walmart and buy me a pair. I tried some really good ones on, and they were just 40 dollars! I was really amazed by how comfortable they felt. I would have bought them. But I figured I could check out some other places too before I actually let my money go. And when I went to look for a disc wallet, vironica went and grabbed a bunch of toques and gloves for me to try on. 

I figured I could buy another toque, ,even if I find my other one, what's the harm in having two. But I didn't want to buy gloves because I already have a few pairs. Plus, I'd rather buy mittens because they trap the body heat way better just because they have one thick compartment for the whole paw. In the end, I did end up buying nice mittens, I think they're called hot paws or something. Anyways, I am pretty satisfied with them, because I've already given them a test run, but will get to evaluate them better tomorrow morning. 

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