Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rain and Diwali don't mix!

I really had a lot to write about. basically good things about hmm... three teachers who I interacted with this week. But as of now, I just don't feel like it. I will get around to doing that tho, because these things that happened, that I realized, can never be forgotten.

So lets just tell you what I did today. I have been really working much harder as compared to the last few weeks. I actually finished a lot of assignments, I did the work that was required of me and I believe I improved some skills. (Or maybe I'm just being misled to believe that.) But on the other hand, I haven't been to life drawing, and I haven't been working on a portfolio drawing. That's pretty harsh. I should really be devoting my time to the portfolio more than to the class assignments, but I can't totally neglect from those either.

So after this wonderful festical is over, (note the sarcasm! diwali is no fun when its raining or snowing) I have to really get down to a good work cycle. I hope someone out there can help me out with this, because no matter how many times I decide to do this, I always end up failing. I need to be like, OK! when I say you will go and eat your dinner and come right back to the college, you WILL walk back to the college, no matter how cold it is outside, how hard its raining or snowing etc etc. (that's what happened today. it was raining, and i coaxed myself into not going. damn! what was I thinking?!

anyways, happy diwali to everyone out there, once again, I did go out and get some sparklers today, but the damn rain. hopefully, tomorrow night is better. I also got some spices and okra. I am gonna make chickpea or okra sometime soon. Like in the afternoon tomorrow.. or maybe tomorrow evening if we don't actually end up going out for dinner.

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